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Associated British Ports (ABP), Britain’s leading and best-connected port owner and operator, announced that it has successfully embedded drone technology into its asset management practices and policies after an 18-month program.

The PwC team specializing in the digital transformation of drones used the introduction and transformation of drones in asset management, while the Aerodyne Group, a DT3 solution provider (Drone Tech, Data Tech and Digital Transformation) (Drone Tech, Data Tech and Digital Transformation) ) when selected The ABP drone service provider brings its extensive experience and first-class technology to the table.

ABP’s 21 ports and rail freight terminals across the UK offer unprecedented access to national and international maritime, road and rail markets and include 87 km of quays and 1.4 million m² of covered storage.

Mike McCartain, Group Director Safety, Engineering and Marine at ABP, said: “After an initial proof of concept with PwC, we found that drones add significant value using drone and data technology that is integrated into a secure cloud platform for our asset and real estate inspections.

They are safer, faster and less expensive and allow us to optimize operations and reduce risks.

“The cloud platform we created with our partners enables our teams to easily and intuitively access the drone information, including the ability to create inspection reports in the browser that are tailored to our existing asset management systems. Without a doubt, this is a major advance on ABP’s path to digital transformation and security using the latest technology available. “

Steve Russell, partner at PwC, said: “Implementing drone technology can be complex. Our team of digital transformation experts supported ABP with the drone case of changes, supplier selection and implementation to ensure a systematic and low-risk approach. Technology works for your business. After our cooperation in the selection of suppliers, ABP decided on the Aerodyne Group. We look forward to working with Aerodyne to highlight the leading cloud software platform, local performance and significant global scale with more than 300,000 infrastructure facilities inspected in 25 countries. “

The founder and CEO of the Aerodyne Group, Kamarul A Muhamed, said: “We are honored to have been selected as the exclusive provider of drone solutions for ABP. Worldwide, our customers have benefited from optimized management of their critical assets and infrastructure based on our solutions. We are committed to providing consistent quality services while complying with the established regulations and standards. “

Development over the past 6 months has focused on extensive site testing with Aerodyne at 8 locations in the UK. The analysis and data acquisition on the flights has shown considerable cost savings and advantages. Operations were safer, 25% cheaper; and took 55% less time compared to traditional methods for selected assets.

In parallel, ABP has partnered with Aerodyne and PwC to develop a state-of-the-art visual drone asset management system that enables teams to create asset health dashboards, asset management information, and inspection reports that only a browser needs to access is. The next ABP project is to develop an internal drone function to complement the Aerodyne solutions. PwC’s specialized drone team has just been commissioned to support this critical implementation.

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