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Agragene, Inc., a sustainable agricultural technology company developing environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides, announced today that it has received an additional $ 4 million in Series A funding from Ospraie Ag Science (OAS), the venture arm of Ospraie in New York, has applied management. The additional funding will expand the field trials with Knock-Out ™, their first product for precision-guided sterile insect technology ™, as well as with the semi-chemical attractant product Border Patrol ™.

Another round of OAS funding is being announced ahead of the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit September 15-16, which will take center stage on bio-based products as global demand for more sustainable agri-food solutions increases.

“We are excited about the additional investment and vote of confidence from Ospraie Ag Science,” said Gordon Alton, CEO of Agragene. “They clearly understand the value of our approach to organic crop protection, which displaces insecticides, lowers costs and protects the environment. Our solutions are not only more sustainable, but also more cost-effective – a win-win situation for producers and the environment. “

Agragene’s Knock-Out ™ product uses a CRISPR-based approach to develop sterile males to mate with female pests in the field. The result is “birth control by insects” – unfertilized insect eggs that do not produce offspring and control the pest population naturally without chemicals. Agragene’s Precision-Guided Sterile Insect Technology ™ (pgSIT) is applied by drone and is cheaper than conventional chemical formulations. It’s safe for bees, birds, and workers.

Border Patrol ™, the company’s innovative Attract and Kill product, uses a proprietary semiochemical formulation on a fiber mat to attract pests. Women lay their eggs on the mat, where their larvae dry out and die. Alton compares the approach to “cherry jam on a biscuit”.

“Our formulation has been shown to be extremely effective, requiring far fewer ‘traps’ per acre compared to similar products on the market for a much lower total cost,” said Alton. “We also offer it via a service model in which certified Agragene technicians place and activate mats for customers. This creates a simple, effective and sustainable approach at a lower price. “

Knock-Out ™ and Border Patrol ™ are the first two innovations in Agragene’s integrated pest control system, which is designed for greater sustainability, simplicity and cost efficiency. The company has other products in the pipeline to detect insects in real time and disrupt mating.

“Agragene demonstrates the kind of exciting innovation that will naturally drive the industry to increase revenue efficiency,” said Jason Mraz, co-founder of Ospraie Management. “Their Knock-Out ™ and Border Patrol ™ products reduce chemicals and costs at the same time, so they truly meet our goal of helping farmers do more with less.”

About Agragene

Agragene is the smart choice for biological and conventional biological pest control. Using advanced CRISPR-based genome engineering, Agragene develops environmentally friendly products that are beneficial for thousands of insect pests worldwide. Agragene’s original product targets spotted winged Drosophila, a major global plant pest. Founded in 2017 in San Diego, California, the company has launched commercial products in the US and has an aggressive licensing strategy worldwide. Find out more about the future of Biocontrol at

About the Ospraie Ag Science

Ospraie Ag Science LLC (OAS) identifies solutions that help farmers “do more with less”. By increasing profitability, improving quality-matched yield and reducing environmental impact, our companies not only benefit producers, but also produce smarter, healthier and more efficient food for consumers around the world. With our extensive network and 25 years of experience in agriculture, OAS is able to help farmers achieve a sustainable future.

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