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Airgility is a company that aims to achieve great social impact by developing unprecedented unmanned aerial systems that can fly anywhere, even in areas with limited or no GPS access and in a confined space. With these features, Airgility can perform the most important missions, including search and rescue, protecting our borders, delivering medical care to remote areas, and many other important missions. Our drones use artificial intelligence and machine learning to perceive their surroundings and map areas, track objects and provide analytical feedback in real time.

Airgility is building AI-powered flight robots for public safety and the commercial sector Autonomous, self-controlled flight outdoors and indoors. Powered by Airgility proprietary operating systemFlight robots can work independently in complex environments and use artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine what to do, when to do it, and how to do the job. Airgility creates drone platforms that are not based on human control or GPS information. Airgility’s unique technology is based on the fusion of multiple redundant sensors, mapping to avoid obstacles and autonomous flight.

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