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The AirHub app is a practical tool for professional drone pilots. The app not only offers support for flight preparation, but can also control your DJI drone and log all the data of your flight (automatically). Thanks to a comprehensive update, it is now also possible to register incidents, record maintenance activities and display different map levels.

From drone pilots for drone pilots

The AirHub app was developed by drone pilots for drone pilots. The idea is that the app will assist you in all aspects of professional drone flying, including preparing your flight. The app contains an interactive map with no-fly zones and an overview of the current and expected weather conditions.

From the start screen it is possible to plan a flight on site using the integrated flight plan. Here you can, among other things, mark the area in which you are flying and add notes, declarations of consent and documents. You can also specify in the flight plan which drone and battery (s) are flown and which other devices (e.g. cameras) are used during the flight. In the paid version, it is also possible to go through checklists before and after the flight.

Register automatically and directly

You can log your flight directly via the flight plan. However, if you fly with a DJI drone, you can also fly through the AirHub app. The functions are the same as for the DJI apps. This has the advantage that you do not have to enter the flight times manually and additional data – such as battery start and end percentages – are saved immediately.

In addition to logging flights, the AirHub app can also save a variety of other data. Under the “Library” tab in the app you have a clear overview of all “assets” in your organization. In addition to thinking about the drones, batteries, and other devices that you use, you can also think of documents that you use in your company – such as the operations manual or the pilot certificates and certificates of the drone (s) organizations can put together teams. As an administrator, you can even determine which position – pilot, observer or payload operator – someone can perform and you have an overview of the number of flight hours.

To update

The iOS and Android version of the app recently received an extensive update. The app now offers the possibility to log maintenance activities and to report and track possible incidents within the company. Many small improvements have also been made, e.g. B. some additional map levels (including a satellite mode), additional data and documents can be added to a drone or battery and the app automatically switches to team mode on an EVLOS or BVLOS flight.


The basic version of the AirHub app can be downloaded free of charge. You need to subscribe to extensive features such as: For example, creating checklists and managing teams. This can be done per month, per six months or per year. The AirHub app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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