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London, United Kingdom: Altitude Angel, the world’s leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) technology provider, announced today that it will integrate its industry-leading data into UAV’s avionics solution provider Sky-Drones (unmanned aerial vehicle) to improve its Sky drones management platform – Drones Cloud.

Sky-Drones develops professional full-stack UAV avionics (hardware and software) solutions, including flight control, ground control and communication systems, as well as a cloud-based management platform that enables its global customers to build drones for security and commercial purposes and to operate applications.

By integrating Altitude Angel’s best data in the industry, Sky-Drones has developed an expanded range of products and services to improve the in-app experience. Operators can now subscribe to UTM services and create awareness of the situation by displaying NOTAMS, temporary no-fly zones and ground hazards.

Sky-Drones will also provide an expanded “Pro” subscription for additional services, including Altitude Angel’s “Game Changing” Conflict Resolution Service (CRS), airspace warnings, and the “Universal Flight Gateway” for access to ANSP flight permits, if provided available.

In collaboration with Sky-Drones, Richard Ellis, Chief Business Officer of Altitude Angel, said: “By merging the Altitude Angel dataset with its full stack UAV avionics and ground control suite, Sky-Drones can provide drone operators with an exceptional tool for performance monitoring, Mission planning, real-time control and AI analysis after the flight. “

Kirill Shilov, Sky-Drones, Chief Executive Officer, added: “At Sky-Drones, we attach great importance to priorities and always strive to improve the safety of drone operations. A growing number of drones and more complex mission scenarios require reliable airspace regulation, and it is evident that Altitude Angel is leading this sector. With the upcoming integration, Sky-Drones users will be among the first in the world to fly in a controlled airspace without having to switch between apps for drone control and airspace authorization. “

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