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We’re excited to announce the launch of Ghost 4, the smartest VTOL SUAS, today.
Ghost was designed and manufactured in the USA to meet the special needs of our military users. It is Anduril’s newest product in our line of defense solutions. Ghost provides real-time information, surveillance and reconnaissance functions, creating a common operational picture that enables soldiers and women to make more informed decisions.

Ghost is a premium, autonomous, modular, and flexible SUAS that runs on Anduril’s secure Lattice software platform. Ghost is multi-mission capable and portable. The advanced fully electric powertrain offers more than 100 flight minutes with full mission payload and an almost noiseless acoustic signature.

Really autonomous:

Ghosts are completely autonomous, carry out complex missions and present all usable data to a single operator without increasing their cognitive load. Ghost is fully controlled from the Lattice software platform and requires minimal operator training.

Ghost is an incredibly intelligent SUAS with an integrated Lattice AI core that can perform 32 trillion operations per second. This is almost 100 times faster than the computing speed of other SUAS currently available.

Ghost uses the Lattice AI Core to run computer vision and sensor fusion algorithms on the edge. This allows Ghost to identify, classify, and track objects of interest in low-bandwidth and competitive environments with a low-frequency signature.

Ghost can fly on local, secure, closed-loop networks. or for distributed operations in encrypted backhauled networks. With these configurations, the Ghost SUAS can be flown from anywhere in the world, with remote commanders sharing live video and data feeds to monitor mission progress.

Ghost is also able to autonomously collaborate with other Ghost assets on a variety of missions. For example, if a ghost registers a low battery, it can request another asset to seamlessly continue the assigned mission without human intervention.

Intelligent teaming:

The Ghost platform drastically reduces the need for personnel and pilots and enables an operator to control and control large teams of autonomous Ghosts from a single ground control station. Groups of spirits work together to achieve mission goals that cannot be achieved with a single unit. In addition, Ghosts communicate status data with each other and can work together to perform a “battlefield handover” to maintain coverage of persistence objectives.

This swarm feature also enables advanced data collection that would not be possible with a single airframe. It distributes synchronized sensors and forwards data across a sky-wide web.

Flexible, modular platform:

Ghost is a modular, fully customizable platform with multiple watertight payload bays with data and power connections for easy integration of payloads by customers, Anduril or third parties. The airframe can be equipped with a variety of sensors, payloads, effectors and power sources that are configurable for each mission and can be exchanged on site in just a few seconds.

The flexibility of the airframe means that new payloads can be easily integrated as soon as they are available. This ensures that outdated payloads, sensors, and cameras never hold the rest of the system back. Ghost will always be relevant and equipped with the most advanced technology available.

Multi-mission capable:

Ghost SUAS is a multipurpose drone and can be used for a wide variety of mission types including aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, cargo delivery, counterpart intrusion, signaling intelligence, and electronic warfare.

Ghost is equipped with an Anduril EO / IR gimbal and can simultaneously support other mission payloads such as sensor spheres, electronic war systems, searchlights, identifiers, communication relays and speakers on board the aircraft. In this way, the operator can easily and instantly switch between mission profiles in a single flight. Ghost’s single-rotor design enables precise vertical take-off and landing in tight spaces in land and sea environments, and gives Ghost the ability to hover in place for long periods of time.


Ghost uses advanced metal alloys and carbon fiber composites that are both lightweight and tough and designed for expedition missions.

Ghost can be safely carried in a backpack and quickly assembled from fully packed to takeoff by a single operator in less than a minute. Because mission data is processed with Ghost’s built-in AI, operators only need a laptop or mobile device coupled to a small ground control station to fully utilize Ghost.

Waterproof and weatherproof:

Ghost is robust and weatherproof and was specially developed for tough use in adverse conditions
Conditions and challenging flight environments. The airframe can withstand mud, freshwater, and saltwater projections from any angle and is submersible up to a meter, allowing Ghost to perform missions in marine environments. The advanced flight control systems allow it to operate in high winds, and the metal case, frame, and payloads can withstand environmental stresses without disrupting the mission.

Earlier versions of Ghost are currently being used to support the United States Department
Defense, Department of Homeland Security and the United Kingdom Department of Defense.

We can’t wait to get your hands on Ghost 4 and to heaven.

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