Anduril Senior Software program Engineer – Mission Capabilities – Cleared – Drones Information


Anduril is a defense technology company bringing talent and funding from Silicon Valley to the defense sector. Our technology helps our customers solve their toughest challenges by helping them make better, more informed decisions in life and death situations.

We have assembled a diverse team of experts in artificial intelligence, computer vision, sensor fusion, optics and data analysis who develop software and hardware solutions to radically advance the capabilities of the US and our allies. If you are passionate about solving problems that have real implications, join Anduril and shape the future of defense.

As a Senior Software Engineer in the Mission Capabilities team, you will be responsible for the architecture and delivery of software solutions that support specific customer missions.
Your efforts ensure Anduril products work together seamlessly to produce a wide variety of critical outcomes. Sentry Towers, Ghost Drones, Dust, Flux and Catalyst are just a few of the Anduril products that you use and expand to support functions such as Base Protection, Maritime Domain Awareness and Counter Drone.

You expand the meaning of “full stack developer” when you touch backend and frontend cloud components as well as distributed edge computing and raw sensors. Some days you write code to add a business-critical function to an existing product. On some days you go on site to coordinate the real tests of your new function with other supporting product teams. Some days everything works fine. Some days nothing works and you need to find out what is broken.

While a mission ability develops from a crazy idea to a demo to a pilot to a recording program, bring the software solution to the appropriate level of functionality and robustness. You report to the technical organization so that the gaps are not only glued with adhesive tape, but actually fixed in the core.

At each stage, you will work with and be supported by a variety of engineering, operations, and business development teams. With the Perception team, you can make messy data from the real world understandable. You can be temporarily embedded in a product team or developers from other teams can embed themselves in the mission with you. SREs, Customer Success, and Technical Operations work closely with you to scale the setup, monitoring, and support of the deployment. You will work closely with account managers, product managers, and product teams to prioritize limited resources over ambitious goals and schedules.


  • Own the software solutions that are deployed to customers
  • Write code to improve products and scale mission capabilities to more customers
  • Work together in multiple teams to plan, create and test complex functions
  • Create and analyze metrics that will be used for debugging and monitoring
  • Triage problems, causes of errors and coordination of the next steps
  • Familiarize yourself with end users to convert requirements into features while balancing user experience with technical constraints
  • Travel up to 30% of the time creating, testing, and deploying features in the real world

Qualifications required

  • Strong technical background from industry or school, ideally in areas / areas such as computer science, software engineering, mathematics or physics.
  • Over 1 year development of software solutions with considerable data expenditure / analysis
  • 5+ years of programming experience
  • Ability to quickly understand and navigate complex systems and established code bases
  • Management experience is an advantage
  • The desire to work on critical software that has real impact

Technologies that we use

  • Frontend: TypeScript and React
  • Backend systems: go
  • Sensor fusion and device integration: C ++
  • Construction tools: Nix / CMake / Cargo
  • Deployment tool: NixOS / Kubernetes

TS / SCI approval required.
Anduril is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. If you’re passionate about working on important issues, we’d love to hear from you!


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