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ANRA Technologies, a leading provider of UAS Traffic Management (UTM), today announced the release of ANRA MissionManager ™. MissionManager builds on years of experience in developing and deploying its drone operations software platform and is the only turnkey drone operations solution that integrates fleet management, compliance, risk reduction, flight automation, data collection and analysis in a single platform. This latest version also includes features specifically designed for the energy, telecommunications and construction industries.

ANRA MissionManager is part of a family of highly customizable and scalable drone operating platforms specially designed to adapt to rapidly evolving regulatory environments. The secure cloud-based platform manages pilots and assets all over the world, thus enabling seamless workflow coordination from company headquarters to the construction site. With increased confidence and lower risk, drone program managers can be assured that legitimate operations are being performed with qualified personnel flying approved equipment for assigned tasks. The platform supports comprehensive flight automation, including integration with the ANRA SmartSkies ™ UTM platform for out-of-sight operations (BVLOS).

ANRA Technologies adheres to the strictest safety standards for all products and services, including MissionManager. The platform offers login (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for account access with real-time monitoring of network traffic and infrastructure, event reporting, localized cloud storage and encrypted backup AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. All wireless and network data transmissions are encrypted in TLS 1.2 or higher, while live video streams are secured in accordance with industry leading practices.

The MissionManager user interface is based on early customer feedback to make it easier for pilots and managers to navigate and operate the platform, as well as to customize the data processing functions.

“MissionManager is an end-to-end drone agnostic platform for managing live flight automation, assets, pilots and data at scale,” said Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA. “The platform offers a number of advanced functions for companies and service providers to monetize existing functions and promote innovative new services. Replacing or extending traditional methods will drastically reduce costs, risks and time to market while lowering implementation and operating costs for the entire supply chain. “

MissionManager offers enterprise functions and capabilities for an unlimited number of users and missions. The platform streamlines workflows, supports performance monitoring, and accelerates the collection and processing of data enabled by drones, resulting in immediate and measurable cost savings across the enterprise.

“I can issue pilots with multiple flight plans for review on site while monitoring their progress in real time. The software prevents drones from flying with overdue maintenance or with pilots whose license has expired. The data we collect for our customers is processed and annotated in the same software. This simplifies my business process and helps my team stay compliant and secure. I recommend it to anyone who flies more than one mission a week, ”said Walter Lappert, CEO of Triad Drones.

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“With the ANRA platform, we were able to carry out safe and efficient inspections of building facades. Our drone flew a pre-programmed vertical trajectory that ensured full coverage of a high-rise building, ”said Mike Marrinan, COO of ASEC.

Fleet management

Tracking of goods

The asset tracking feature enables the company to keep detailed records of drone type, functions, sensor payloads, battery health and inventory, as well as maintenance and repair records.

Pilot tracking

The pilot tracking module manages operator profiles and qualifications and also serves as a tool for adhering to and implementing best practices.

Data synchronization

With ANRA MissionManager, program managers can synchronize workflows with a single tool to keep track of drone equipment, maintenance and pilot history in one central location. The platform enables optimized resource management and harmonization across different corporate divisions and at the same time guarantees data protection.

Flight orchestration

Workflow automation

With workflow automation, pilots can map missions, set waypoints, set flight volumes and determine flight patterns. MissionManager enables pilots to plan, deploy and log each mission using workflow automation tools, including dynamic notices such as weather and airspace restrictions. These advanced automated flight profiles minimize flight risk and ensure reliable, repeatable and accurate data collection.

Security checks

MissionManager provides automated security and compliance management functions, e.g. B. Custom flight safety checklists that must be completed and approved by a specific manager prior to takeoff. Program managers can also contribute to mission planning before sending pilots into the field.

Automated logbook

Flights and telemetry are logged in one automated logbook and can be saved as a mission profile in order to repeat the process at a later point in time. Flight hours for drones and resources such as payload sensors and batteries are also automatically logged and archived.

On-board operations

MissionManager comes with an extensive library of pre-installed automated mission profiles that can be used to create automated linear and vertical paths such as facade inspection, survey, pipeline and other critical infrastructure surveys. The extended mission profiles include the inspection of column towers, facades, lines as well as guyed tower and free-hand missions.

The functions for flight operations enable the control of several simultaneous drone flights. Live telemetry measurements show the health status of each drone.

While the drone is in flight and using cloud-based connections, stakeholders in different locations can also view live drone video feeds in real time from their mobile devices and desktop consoles and remotely tamper with on-board cameras.

Data collection and analysis

Organizations need to collect and store large amounts of data in order to track asset deterioration or to classify the severity of damage caused by weather over time. MissionManager enables customers to collect, store, arrange, measure, and geolocate large amounts of post-processed 2D and 3D datasets, and calculate measurements through powerful data processing and integration of third-party machine learning and artificial intelligence-based analysis engines into the workflow.

UTM integration

ANRA MissionManager can also be easily integrated into the SmartSkies ™ UTM platform from ANRA. This enables automated flight permits, strategic deconflicts, and the detection and avoidance of functions for non-cooperative aircraft. The platform supports the integration of remote identification of drones using network and broadcast-based technologies according to evolving industry standards.


MissionManager is available today.

Visit to schedule a demonstration.

About ANRA Technologies

ANRA Technologies, Inc. is a leading international provider of end-to-end drone operations and traffic management solutions for unmanned aircraft system operators (UAS) and airspace managers. ANRA offers advanced features as part of the SmartSkiesTM family for commercial UAS operations. The platforms have been rigorously tested and verified by the world’s leading government aviation agencies and are now in service in multiple locations around the world. ANRA is involved in numerous standards development organizations, including the co-chair of the ASTM International Committee F38 (UAS) for UTM and Remote ID, the ANSI UAS Steering Committee, the ISO Technical Committee 20 / SC16 for UAS standards and the ICAO Trust Framework Study Group. ANRA is also committed to promoting industry support for UTM as a national board member of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). Amit Ganjoo, CEO of ANRA, is a board member of the Global UTM Association (GUTMA) and a member of the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee working group for UTM. ANRA Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Washington DC with regional offices in London and New Delhi. Further information is available at

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