Ardenna introduces Rail-Inspector, probably the most superior inspection and monitor well being software program for railroads and industrial rail asset homeowners – Drones Information


Drone measurement of a freight yard showing the position of the gaps between the rails (blue circles) and the condition of each intersection (good = green, bad = yellow or failed = red).

Ardenna today announced the general availability of Rail-Inspector, its cloud-based software that accurately processes and analyzes images captured during drone surveys. The railroad inspector identifies and measures railroad features, classifies anomalies, and determines the condition of railroad features while reporting problem areas to railroad decision makers. Some of the track features identified include crossties and their condition, pivot rods, fasteners, frogs, and switches. Track features measured include rail gauge and spacing, joint spacing, joint angles, percentage ballast cover joints and more.

Drone surveys eliminate the need for ownership and conduit blocks and provide significant cost savings. The breadth of information that Rail-Inspector reports from a single drone survey supplements a typical human inspection and at the same time offers an insight into the track condition that is only possible with more expensive solutions. Track owners benefit from a reduction in maintenance downtime, higher operational efficiency, and improved safety for workers and railways – while providing a visual and digital record of rail resources. Once multiple drone exams have been conducted, track health trends can be identified, leading to predictive track maintenance.

“Every company is looking for ways to gain more insight into the health of its assets without compromising worker safety or operational efficiency. Drone survey images meet these requirements, ”said David M. Patterson, Ardenna’s business development director. “Rail-Inspector takes these images, whether 10 or 10,000, and generates a comprehensive data set that shows details about the current condition of the track that would not be practical with other methods. By observing how these route details evolve over time, trends can be identified so maintenance can be proactively planned and performed before the safety of people or rails is compromised. “

Track images successfully processed by Rail-Inspector were collected from numerous drone platforms (DJI Phantom 4, DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise, DJI M600 and Latitude HQ-60) and camera payloads (12 MP, 20 MP, 29 MP, 60 MP) and 100 MP). Rail-Inspector also demonstrated the ability to process images captured by a manned aircraft and a helicopter. In a future configuration, the images will be captured by an operational rail vehicle.

About Ardenna

Ardenna is a leader in image processing and machine learning software that automatically generates results from industrial inspection images. Ardenna’s solution provides objective and quantitative data and provides a comprehensive digital record of the state of the infrastructure. Industrial companies benefit from both quick implementation of inspection results and monitoring of asset health over time, enabling data-driven maintenance decisions that reduce costs and improve worker and operational safety. Ardenna is a division of Bihrle Applied Research Inc.

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