Ascent AeroSystems Broadcasts Closing Supply of Its “Spirit” Drone to Launch Buyer Dynetics – Drones Information


Ascent AeroSystems’ Spirit is a compact, all-weather, high-performance unmanned aerial system designed and built in the United States. Versatile, modular and based on proven coaxial technology, it is the ideal platform for business-critical operations.

Massachusetts-based Ascent AeroSystems announced today that it has completed the final shipment of all two-rotor coaxial drones “Spirit” to launch customer Dynetics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leidos.

“Ascent AeroSystems is pleased to announce that we have completed the delivery of all spirits to our launch customer Dynetics,” said Peter Fuchs, Founder and CEO of Ascent AeroSystems. “This is a critical milestone for Ascent AeroSystems as a company and an important step in our valued partnership with Dynetics.”

With a unique cylindrical configuration that is far more portable and robust than traditional multi-rotor drones, Ascent’s coax devices are ideal for mission-critical operations in the harshest of environments. Vehicle delivery provided Dynetics with an opportunity to validate vehicle performance and develop new payload systems that add functionality to customers in the defense and intelligence community.

Mark Miller, Dynetics Vice President and Head of Missile and Flight Systems, said, “Dynetics continues to be impressed with the performance and reliability of Ascent’s coaxial UAVs, and we look forward to expanding our existing capabilities as we add the spirit to ours Portfolio. The compact, rugged form factor, modular design, and excellent flight performance overcome the persistent limitations of traditional multi-rotors. Other unmanned systems in the market simply cannot do what a ghost can. “

John Roy, head of the unmanned systems department at Dynetics, commented on the company’s experience with the recent tests of the Spirit. “Aside from form factor and performance, the highly flexible architecture and payload development kit available in Spirit is the ideal platform to develop highly specialized payloads and build on Spirit’s unparalleled versatility. Rather than investing resources in developing another conventional multi-rotor, we can focus on developing payloads and capabilities that we do best. “

Accept orders for autumn deliveries

Production has started and the next available delivery items are for October. Spirit is available in a variety of configurations, including ready-to-fly versions with various EO / IR camera options. A selection of ground control stations is also available. Inquiries can be made at

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