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Bethesda, MD January 26, 2021: The American Photogrammetry and Remote Control Society
Sensing: The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society announces its 2021 yearbook
Conference from March 19 to April 2, 2021.

Due to ongoing uncertainties and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, ASPRS will hold its annual conference in 2021 virtually. The virtual conference format is an attractive, practical presentation space for remote sensing professionals worldwide who cannot travel. The ASPRS conference 2020 was also carried out virtually and was a great success.

The conference program for 2021 includes:

 A multi-day series of technical sessions, including oral presentations, Ignite-style lectures, and invited panel discussions.
 2-hour and 4-hour workshops delivered as live webinars under the guidance of teachers.
 Vendor spotlights and product demos
 The annual ASPRS business meeting, which includes the installation of officers and directors, the address of the president and the presentation of 2021 awards and scholarships.
 annual meetings of the department, council and committee

We are looking for presentation summaries based on ASPRS core disciplines in the collection.
Management, use and analysis of geospatial data, data and information. The searched topics include:

 innovative approaches to collecting remote sensing and geodata
 practical applications of remote sensing and geospatial data
 Management and processing of remote sensing data
 Decision making based on remote sensing and geospatial data at local, state and local levels
Federal level.

We are particularly interested in posts that focus on the future of imaging and geographic information technologies and give an insight into developments on the horizon. Individuals from government agencies, private companies, and universities are encouraged to submit abstracts on these topics in order to expand and challenge the spatial future.

Abstracts must be submitted electronically by February 15, 2021. More information is available at
Stay tuned as more information becomes available:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [emailΒ protected] .

Founded in 1934, the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) is a scientific association that serves over 2,000 professional members around the world and the professional development of its members through education and networking experiences, professional certification, publications, grants, and other services enables. ASPRS enhances knowledge and understanding of mapping science to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and assistive technologies.

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