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The collaboration focuses on the review and evaluation of rescue drone programs based on ASTM international standards for the training of remote UAS public safety pilots

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA – ASTM International, the world’s leading provider of fully transparent standards, and the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance – an official program of AIRT, the leading 501 (c) nonprofit that supports Drones For Good, today launched a new strategic initiative to standardize the Standards announced the training and deployment of unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAS) and related technologies in public safety and emergency services around the world.

The new standardized UAS standard training initiative (STI) for public safety is based on the international ASTM standard F3379-20, standard manual for training for remote testing of unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAS) for public safety and is exclusively by DRONERESPONDERS for the public Managed security sector.

Public Safety UAS STI provides UAS public safety training providers with a third-party assessment of their curriculum for compliance with applicable ASTM standards. Programs that meet or exceed the UAS STI will receive a certificate and digital emblem from DRONERESPONDERS and ASTM confirming that they have been approved as a UAS (STI) approved public safety training provider.

“The goal of the UAS Standardized Public Safety Training Initiative is to create a safer and more efficient operating environment for all stakeholders across the community,” said Brian Meincke, VP, Global Business Development and Innovation Strategy, ASTM International. “We are very excited to partner with AIRT-DRONERESPONDERS as the industry leader in supporting UAS operations for drones for good and public safety.”

The need for standardized UAS equipment and training for first aiders and rescue workers was well examined and validated by DRONERESPONDERS over the past year. During this time, ASTM International worked with key stakeholders to develop the most robust UAS operating standards yet. The new partnership will now combine these two parts.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner than ASTM International for the introduction of this training initiative,” said fire department chief Charles Werner (retired), director of DRONERESPONDERS. “The UAS Standardized Public Safety Training Initiative will serve as a catalyst for creating a standardized training environment for all types and sizes of public safety agencies.”

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