ATTOP WPRO 4K GPS drone underneath $200


ATTOP Wolvy PRO drone

Compared to the original Wolvy droneThe new ATTOP WPRO has a very sporty design. The high ground clearance type “bridge” undercarriages were completely removed. The camera was removed from the belly on the front. The new design doubles the flight time from 15 to 30 minutes.

While the aircraft measures 175 x 90 x 75 mm with folded arms, it is ready to fly with extended arms (225 x 285 x 75 mm). If you weigh more than 500 grams, you must register with FAA to legally use it in the US. During the night flight you will be guided by 5 LED lights (one under each motor + one in front of the camera).

ATTOP packs its Wolvy PRO drone with a nice entry-level remote control with a built-in battery. According to the specified specifications, the transmitter offers a control range of up to 2 km.

ATTOP Wolvy PRO features and specifications

  • Backpack-friendly design with foldable arms;
  • Double positioning (GPS + optical flow);
  • Cool LED lights;
  • Onboard 4K camera with 5 GHz WIFI real-time image transmission;
  • Transmitter with built-in LIPO battery;
  • Up to 2 km control distance;
  • Approximately 30 minutes of battery life;
  • Starting weight of 520 grams.

Supplied accessories for the ATTOP WPRO drone

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