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AUAV is pleased to announce the merger with another leading Australian drone service company, Uaviation.

“This merger extends the depth of resources available to AUAV and adds another director to the board. This puts our already strong business on a path to sustainable and substantial growth, ”said James Rennie, CEO. “We see this merger as the first strategic step to expand AUAV’s capabilities and diversify our internal expertise.”

Uaviation has been operating in Victoria since 2013 and has a strong customer base that fits well into the AUAV business. AUAV, already a leader in drone services and data solutions, operates in an industry that is rapidly becoming mainstream.

The merger will keep Uaviation as an independent entity and as a research and development arm of AUAV. With a strong focus on hardware research and development and links to universities, Uaviation brings a number of new technologies to combined business and drone services. These include;

  • Marine inspection
  • Floor rover for inspections in the smallest of spaces
  • Underwater rover

This hardware research and development goes well with the work that AUAV has done in developing its cloud-based asset inspection solution inSite. inSite is a unique offering that allows our customers to review assets in the context of a full 3D environment. It is 100% customizable for specific industries with bespoke features that have resonated across a range of asset classes.

Uaviation shares the AUAV vision that there is a place in Australia for a large, professional ISO-certified drone service business. “Our customers have recognized that there is a business case for drone data. There is an appetite for a national drone service company that can deliver a consistently high quality product. “Nigel Brown, founder of Uaviation. “Joining AUAV brings two companies together that share a common vision. Our combined resources ensure success in a competitive market. ”

There are currently drone remote control certificates issued by CASA in 1962, but few in the drone service industry have achieved sustainable growth in this sector. James emphasizes that it was not a smooth path to success. “There is no doubt that building, operating and scaling a drone business on a budget is hard work. CASA monitors drone operations in a tight and constantly changing regulatory environment with high capital and recurring costs. ”

Both AUAV and Uaviation have followed a different path than most other drone companies and have grown with full-time employees without outsourcing to contractors. This has enabled stability and knowledge retention in the company with a variety of technical skills that can be brought together to solve any problem. James admits that this was not the easy way out: “Our model may not have the same short-term gains as outsourcing, but as a company we have a long-term vision. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and the recognition and retention of highly qualified employees is the key. “

There is an inevitable industry consolidation underway. Increasing competition, the doubling of insurance costs and compliance with CASA regulations will lead to a decrease in the next 6 to 12 months. “We see this merger with Uaviation as the first step because AUAV wants to grow through a combined strategy of merger, acquisition and organic growth.”

In an unexpected turn, the situation with Covid-19 boosted business. Customers who are unable to visit intergovernmental sites have shown great interest in developing photogrammetric digital twins of assets that are provided in AUAV’s own inSite software. In particular, there was a strong interest in inspections at distant locations to facilitate the development of tender responses. So much so that AUAV has launched TenderPak, a special product to meet this need.

AUAV and the subsidiary Uaviation remain privately owned and will provide services to customers under the AUAV brand after the merger. For more information on the services offered by AUAV, this merger or our growth plans for the next 12 months, please email us [email protected]

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