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BAE Systems leverages its expertise in electrical power and propulsion technology to make air travel safer and better for the planet.

We need smarter and cleaner travel now more than ever. Greenhouse gases are increasing and the population is growing rapidly. As a result, cities on the ground, in the water and soon – in the air – will turn to cleaner public transport. The first of these next-generation electric flights is set to launch in a few years with urban air mobility planes.

With decades of experience in electric propulsion and flight electronics, BAE Systems is ready to help these small electric aircraft take off by developing a range of power sources to replace or reduce the need for typical aircraft internal combustion engines.

To create this form of clean transportation, we combine flight controls with our aircraft power management and energy systems.

Our teams are on duty and expect operational prototypes of aircraft electrification systems for urban air mobility and regional transport jets to be available later this year.

We also partnered with Jaunt Air Mobility to study new developments in urban air mobility and with Wright Electric on a hybrid electrical system and controls for its 186-seat aircraft.

The systems have yet to leave the runway, but if they do, they can make a difference. Each system lowers emissions and helps operators save fuel. Technology opens the door to a new way of commuting and could take cars off the road. Reduced traffic would open roads and further reduce emissions in the places where we live, work and visit.

BAE Systems has the industry knowledge and expertise to make this happen. Our power and energy systems began with electrical actuation systems for aircraft almost 30 years ago. Electrification technology quickly found a place in the transit bus industry and is now represented in more than 12,000 buses worldwide. The flight controls have been investing in innovation for more than 40 years and have flown a wide variety of aircraft.

We combine our experience with new investments in technology to make flights safer and greener.

Part of that investment will improve battery technology to meet flight needs and meet certification requirements for systems that must last millions of travel miles – nearly 100 times the amount of an electric car. The route is unknown, but BAE Systems is in a familiar area. When the company first developed an electrical actuation system for aircraft almost three decades ago, it was ahead of its time. Now it’s ready to turn science fiction into reality again.

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