Be a part of the Deep Drone Problem


This Airbus-sponsored drone hackathon will take place in September, October and November 2020. The participants will deal with a problem in the interplay between drone technology, algorithms and artificial intelligence.

About the Deep Drone Challenge

  • The challenge will be carried out in two events (WarmUp and Final) near Ingolstadt
  • You can choose between two possible tracks, both of which relate to private use
  • Track A – Drone Bot: The drone communicates with air traffic control and people based on text / voice inputs and gestures
  • Lane B – Autonomous situation awareness: The drone autonomously locates and analyzes a certain situation and transmits different types of data (e.g. coordinates).

The aim of both routes is to cross the boundaries of unmanned aviation and to reward the teams with the best autonomously flying drones with a total of 50,000 euros.

Click here to apply today!

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