Blade Nano QX In Depth Evaluate 2020


The Blade Nano QX is among the lightest and smallest beginner drones you can get. It is made from a light material, as well as weighs in at nearly 17 grams.

Nevertheless, the body is amazingly durable and flexible, enabling it to bear the test of flight. You can get this drone in green or yellow, and hover it inside or outside.

As you have seen from its image, the quadcopter includes four propeller guards, each of that secures the drone’s props. It certainly makes the quadcopter more secured against bangs and scraps (that is common if you are a novice pilot).

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  • Brand: Blade
  • Best For: Beginners
  • Product Dimensions: 182 x 160 x 63.5 mm
  • Weight: 16.5 Grams
  • Maximum Flight Period: 6-8 Minutes
  • Charging Time: 40 Minutes
  • FPV: No
  • Battery: 3.7V 1S 150mAh 25C Li-Po
  • Camera: No

Features Overview

SAFE™ Technology

No Nano QX evaluation could be complete without discussing the drone’s SAFE™ technology. SAFE™ is short for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope. You do not have to know how the system operates to benefit from it.

Simply, it will maintain the drone more steady in mid-air. Therefore, even if you are a beginner quadcopter flyer without experience, you could feel more comfortable behind the handles.

The system will result in fewer crashes and let you drag your drone to its boundaries while remaining in command.

Durable and Tough Frame

Many people believe that since this Blade drone is lightweight and small that it is very likely to break upon the crash. However, with regards to quadcopter drones, the reverse is correct: lighter models have a greater chance of making it through an accident.

That is since the crashes involve less force hitting the earth. In case you were to fall something such as the DJI Mavic Pro or DJI Phantom 3 from the exact height, it could break.

Notice in this assessment that this drone may take a pounding and go on wanting more. Because of this, it is a perfect model for youngsters.

Strong Construction Helps Prevent Damage

The Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter is well-built and could withstand damage pretty well. Both the propellers and motors are well-secured versus the outer environment.

The key reason why props stop functioning in mini quadcopters is since things get trapped in them. Put the drone’s propeller in case any one of your damage while flying.

Above Par Flight Handle for a Small Hobby Quadcopter

You can handle the Blade Nano confidently indoors even in case there is air displacement from HVAC systems or the air vents or light wind. Obviously, no one limits you to take it outdoors too.

This small guy can reach good heights but you ought to keep it within your eyesight. It is quite responsive and agile, and you can savor your flight moments.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • The SAFE™ technology is among the drone’s main advantages.
  • Because of its lightweight dimension, it’s a very fast and agile model.
  • It reacts to the controller immediately, so in case you push the joystick right, it is going to fly right with no lag or hustle in-between.
  • Additionally, we like the truth that the drone was created with both newbie and pro flyers under consideration.
  • You will also realize that the style is aesthetically appealing and very sleek.
  • The packaging comes with a canopy and spare blades.
  • In summary, it pops out from the competition and features an elegant aerodynamic style to complement together with it.


  • Honestly, there are not a lot of disadvantages to this device. The only possible disadvantage that we could bring to mind is that for around the exact price, you could buy something better and bigger (such as the Syma X8C Quadcopter for instance). It is not a disadvantage either because the X8C by Syma is created for recording high-flying aerial footage/photos.
  • One likely drawback is that it’s trip period is modest. Nevertheless, this can effortlessly be fixed by buying additional batteries.
  • It is extremely sensitive to breeze reducing its outside utility.


The Blade Quadcopter is ideal for both starter and professional flyers. Remember that it is an RTF model (reviewed here).

With that, it indicates that you do not have to own a remote controller already when you get it. By that, you can fly. The model is relatively small, letting you switch directions instantly. Because of being so portable, you can hover it indoors without issues.

Update: As it so happens, there is also a BNF model of this drone that we did not know available. With that said, it is likely to cost a bit less, but that is since it does not include the remote controller.

However, if you are a professional pilot who currently owns a controller, there is no logic in spending more bucks on the Ready-to-Fly model (opt for the Bind-N-Fly version rather).


In 2014, the Blade Quad was honored by the Model Airplane News the Editors’ Choice Innovation of the Year Achievement.

It says a whole lot about this particular drone’s durability, capabilities, and worth. Furthermore, it is created by Blade, a manufacturer popular for designing best quadcopters (such as the 200 QX and 180 QX).

Durability and Design

The Blade Nano QX RTF is a mini-drone that’s available as an RTF model, which means that everything you should do to fly it in mid-air is inserted the given batteries, after completely charging them.

The company decided to stick to a simple style. It is evident from the frame that it is nothing but a printed circuit board and a single plastic piece. The canopy simply goes at the pinnacle with the drone’s batteries being fit safely below it.

The body is made from a lightweight plastic that is durably built to allow this drone to endure most accidents. This model weighs approximately 17 grams, and it scales 182 x 160 x 63.5 mm in size. All of these ensure it is quite ideal for an amateur drone flyer.

Furthermore, the bundle often contains propeller guards. They are little plastic pieces that stretch from the body just past the spinning props. The importance of these propeller guards could be valued if you by chance fly into hurdles.

They will, in fact, avoid the quick rotating props blades from engaging in exposure to the hurdle. It is designed to safeguard not just the props however also the challenges.

It is nice to notice that the propeller guards of this model are not only foolproof, particularly when the Blade Nano Quadcopter flicks over and strikes an object – blades may get trapped in this.

Also, the propeller guards are useless if you want to place your finger (s) between the rotor blades while the quadcopter is functioning. It will result in immediate failure.

Nano QX

In case you are a starter, you probably require a drone that you could effortlessly repair if it gets damaged. For the Nano QX RTF, you are given four spare rotor blades since these are the parts that are more prone to crashes.

You will also get a spare canopy, as well as both these Blade Nano QX parts, which are simple to change during a fix. You do not necessarily want any tools because the rotor blades could be with ease taken apart from the quad and tucked back in while the canopy just slips back into position.

There is also a choice of buying other drone spare components. Nevertheless, given that it is an inexpensive quad, you can choose to buy an extra one to prevent the hassle in case of a critical crash.

Flight Performance and Control

As with many aircraft’s of similar size and weight, the Nano QX flies aggressively and fast. It does not stabilize while in the breeze and bigger drones.

Therefore, that is something to think about before ordering. Despite its little size, this remote control quad can soar fairly high. Ensure that you prevent flying it close to tall trees or power lines.

Also, because it does not include FPV capabilities or a camera, always maintain the UAV within your eyesight to prevent the “Drone Fly Away” situation. The flight duration of the device is about eight minutes. However, can be somewhat less based on how actively you fly your machine.

Charging the drone’s battery to its fullest capacity needs 40 minutes. With the USB charger which comes along in the package, you could simply charge your device using your desktop computer or laptop.

Nano QX Key Takeaways

The best thing about having the Blade Nano QX BNF or RTF is which both veterans and beginners could appreciate it. You can have it zip around or climb, and speed.

You’ll be surprised by the controller’s accuracy since the model responds quickly and swiftly to commands. Nevertheless, as a novice, you will want some time to get used to the transmitter.

Keep in mind that, once you insert the Blade Nano QX battery, you have to keep the machine on an even surface. After it is kept on a solid surface, the LED light that was blinking up till now, ought to change to a solid blue color.

Also, as with every Blade Quadcopter, the QX is built with SAFE™ technology. It makes the model fly if you do not touch the handles for some time. It improves the drone’s reliability if you by chance let go of the controls stuff that normally occurs to amateurs.

You can turn off the SAFE flight function by pushing down the left quad stick. However, it is recommended that you keep it activated in case, you aren’t a pro in handling drones.

The transmitter distance is nearly 40 feet that are pretty enough for a model that is to be flown inside the majority of the situation. The portability makes it not ideal for outside flights, particularly during windy climates, because it can effortlessly be carried away by the breeze.

What’s worse is the fact that even small winds may get it off-path during an outside flight activity.

Charging Time and Flight

If you are like other pilots, you most likely care much regarding a drone’s flight period. You are most likely also annoyed by how limited they may be (we completely agree!).

The QX’s trip duration is pretty impressive, clocking in at almost eight minutes. After the battery is used up, it will need about 40 minutes to completely charge it again to the highest possible capacity.

If you are not happy in this duration, then take a look at the UDI U818A Drone, that offers a flight duration of nearly nine minutes. The quadcopter includes a USB charger that plugs straight into your PC for quick charging.

RTF Controller

There is a Nano QX BNF and RTF model of this machine. Let us spend a bit of time discussing the Ready-to-Fly model, particularly, the controller.

The QX’s controller is fairly simple in style: it has trim buttons, two joysticks, a power switch, etc. At the press of a stick, you can have the quadcopter less or more sensitive.

The greater sensitive you set, the simple it could be to hover aggressively and fast. The fewer sensitive you set, the more cautiously you can fly. Lastly, the controller is created from a low-cost plastic material so do not skip it!

Flight Time and Battery

The Blade drone uses a little battery – a lithium polymer 150 mAh pack – which juices it for almost seven minutes of uninterrupted flight. You may recharge the drone’s battery with the USB charger given with the package.

Blade Nano QX battery

This battery needs around 40 minutes to completely recharge. You could easily change the batteries you’re using by just removing the power cord and after that taking it off at the rear of the QX and lastly reversing that process to change your battery.

This small battery will not go on for long. Nevertheless, you can buy a spare one that is somewhat inexpensive. A bundle of four batteries could cost around $20 at the time of writing this Blade Nano QX review.

Guarantee and Value for Money

The Blade Nano is undoubtedly the top beginner quadcopter available on the market with no camera. For below $100 you receive an agile, responsive, and quick mini-drone that is quite ideal for indoor and outdoor trips in smooth weather.

It comes with the signature SAFE™ Technology causing it ideal for newbies. The company offers one year manufacturer warranty time from the time of buy while we were writing this Blade Nano QX review.

It does not cover incidents occasioned through damage or cosmetics because of nature, accidents, commercial use, abuse, misuse, or modification, or negligence of any of that components and repair or purchase from not authorized Hobby Horizon vendors.

Bottom Line

In short, this quadcopter possesses an eight-minute flight duration, charges at just 40 minutes, features SAFE™ Technology, as well as includes a sturdy frame (with propeller guards).

Valued affordable that is a bargain! If you are seeking a safe, fun, and aggressive inside flyer that will not cost too much, in that case, the Blade Nano QX is the machine you need.

In case you have any doubts about this particular item, then drop your questions in the comment box underneath. We believe that our Blade Nano QX review has sparked a spotlight on what this excellent drone offers.

Thanks in advance for reading our hands-on review. Remember to fly safe, and the sky is the limit. It is just another quality review brought to you by My Drone Choice team.

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