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Blighter Surveillance Systems (, the UK developer and manufacturer of radars and surveillance solutions for electronic tracking, has launched the latest in its market leading radar, the A800 3D drone detection radar for land, air and sea surveillance .

The main function of the radar is to detect and locate commercial hobby drones in 3D space. Optimized Aviation Security Mode provides a unique way to check for Low-Slow-Small (LSS) threats caused by the misuse of small drones, including the popular DJI Phantom-style quadcopters. A micro-Doppler target filter function based on artificial intelligence helps reduce false positives and improve detection of multicopter and winged drones.

“We continue to develop and expand our product line to keep Blighters at the forefront of radar capabilities and to meet the growing global need for effective technical solutions to combat malicious use of drones,” said Angus Hone, CEO of Blighter Surveillance Systems. “The new A800 tri-mode 3D radar offers revolutionary functionality by performing precise surveillance in three complex environments simultaneously with a single, inexpensive sensor.”

The A800 3D drone detection radar warns of incoming threats as early as possible by looking far beyond the perimeter and beyond. Its robust design enables operation in harsh conditions and temperatures from -32 ° C to 65 ° C. An extended operating temperature version is also available. It can be mounted on tripods and quad pods, land vehicles and trailers, and fixed towers and masts for surveillance in a variety of environments.

The A800 supports a variety of industry standard interfaces, including high quality encryption, and a software developer kit (SDK) is also available for download.

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