Blue Bear builds on sensing and spraying functionality with Undertaking DETECT – Drones Information


Blue Bear is proud to announce its participation in the DETECT project. This exciting project investigates how sensor and spray drones powered by satellite communication technology can be used as an automated / autonomous system to address global development problems, including the major challenge posed by mosquitoes in rural communities.

Blue Bear will build on its existing skills in drone detection and spraying projects that help combat swarms of locusts. Combined with Blue Bear’s swarm and autonomy technology, the system enables rural communities to access a state-of-the-art platform that is groundbreaking for their communities.

Ian Williams-Wynn, MD of Blue Bear said, β€œThe integration of sensor and spray technology into our existing CenturionTM software for controlling swarm drones will be combined with our medical delivery technology. This combination offers rural communities even more advantageous levels for deploying drones in a single system. Our goal is to make access to operating multiple drones commonplace for such global development efforts. “

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