Blue Blocks Montessori Faculty from India recordsdata a report 5 patents for pupil Innovations in Drones – Drones Information


Almost nine months after launching its drone research and innovation center, the Blue Blocks Montessori School in Hyderabad, Hyderabad has filed a record of 5 patents for inventions in drones designed by its young students. The numerous innovations were made possible by young inventors in order to cope with the new challenges of society.

While many of these inventions are in the drafting or prototyping phase, the benefit of early adopters lies with the students because they own the intellectual property of the solution.

There is an urgent need to overhaul the Indian education system by phasing out the current methodology and pedagogy and transforming it into learning through hands-on experience, real-time learning outcomes and an emphasis on innovation and invention.

Talk about the teaching methods and achievements of these young innovators R Ramanan, Director of Atal Innovation Mission, Additional Secretary – NITI Aayog, Government of India said, β€œIt is commendable that Blue Blocks School is encouraging young aspiring student innovators to develop indigenous patentable innovations using their Drone Research & Innovation Center in partnership with the private sector. Such initiatives will revolutionize education in our country and make India the center of innovation for the next decade. It will usher in much-needed design-based, critical thinking and innovative mindsets that develop technology-driven socio-economic innovations that will benefit our future generations. “

To give the country a competitive advantage in the innovation index, the future generation must be equipped with design and critical thinking so that students can analyze and use their creative thinking skills to overcome challenges. By equipping the students with experiential learning, an innovative way of thinking is created that stimulates the young, impressionable minds to become future problem solvers.

β€œIn the past, the Indian education system was designed so that students learn in school and the outcome is not achieved until much later in life. We believe in transforming this by revolutionizing the system in which children not only learn, but apply, create, build and innovate in school. We hope this will encourage other young innovators and set standards in the country, which is also the goal of the new national education policy. We place special emphasis on creating innovation zones that encourage children to use their creative thinking and innovative approach to achieve meaningful results through skill-based and experience-based learning. We believe that every child is able to have a patent on their name before leaving school and that is what we aim to achieve at Blue Blocks, ”he said Pavan Goyal, Founder, Blue blocks.

The five inventions were conceived by children between the ages of 6 and 10 and are unique. They offer a clear solution to the numerous social challenges. With the use of drones, these innovations focus on providing solutions to challenges such as rescuing a person from a borehole, providing medical assistance without human contact, automated security, monitoring health parameters, and providing essential elements to the user.

Firmly convinced that children should not lose their inherently curious and exploratory nature, this school promotes an exploratory mindset through observation, exploration, experimentation, prototyping, building, and innovation.

About blue blocks

Blue Blocks is one of the leading schools in Hyderabad and is a pioneer school and one of the few that offers a pure Montessori-based curriculum and Cambridge Affiliation. Blue Blocks was founded in 2009 and offers a strong and alternative method of learning that includes self-directed action, hands-on learning and playing together. Blue Blocks is an authorized Montessori school offering programs for ages 1 to 16 from preschool through high school. Blue Blocks teaches application-based learning and research-based thinking that enables students to gain experiential learning. Blue Blocks is a firm believer in creating a rich and imaginative school environment to get kids ready for the world.

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