Citadel Protection Wins $12.2M U.S. Division of Protection Contract to Autonomously Defeat Industrial Off-the-Shelf and Handmade Drones – Drones Information


Citadel’s contract award addresses urgent C-Drones requirements for fixed, mobile and dismantled operations

San Diego, California – The US government and the US Department of Defense have awarded Citadel Defense a $ 12.2 million contract to defeat enemy drones on the battlefield and in covered locations in the US. The decision to purchase Titan systems was made after an extensive U.S. government evaluation that evaluated more than a dozen other counter-drone solutions.

Titan’s selection addresses immediate challenges caused by rapidly evolving drones domestically and internationally. Titan operates as a stand-alone system that is equally effective in fixed, mobile and dismantled operations, simplifying the life cycle and sustainability issues that weigh on troops and budgets today.

“Used warfighters designed the system. Weighing in at 20 pounds and capable of autonomous operations, Titan has identified enemy drones in extremely isolated fixed locations, complex urban environments, mobile missions on the move, and dismantled operations where human portability is a priority and defeated. “Matthew England, Vice President of Citadel Defense.

In June 2020, after 14 months of successful combat missions and government evaluations, the Department of Defense revealed Titan’s superior performance. The results showed that Titan uniquely addressed the DOTMLPF (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materials, Leadership and Training, Personnel and Facilities) strategies required to modernize the fight against nefarious commercial and handcrafted drones.

The system’s foundation for artificial intelligence and deep learning enables Titan to match or exceed the speed of the evolving threat, whether multi-agents and / or swarms, and provides an ideal ability for layered C-Drones defenses. This Defense Department investment underscores a growing trend towards relying on commercially available solutions to defend against rapidly evolving threats.

“Citadel learned lessons from other asymmetric threats like the counter-IED and approached the UAS problem differently from the start. Titan was specifically designed for speed, responsiveness and adaptability to meet the operational needs of C-Drones. It offers a cost-effective and easy-to-use support model to suit the evolving threat, ”said Williams.

Citadel has ramped up production of titanium systems in response to increased demand. All systems will be shipped before December.

Citadel Defense is a cutting-edge counter-drone technology company (C-Drones) developing industry-leading automated drone reduction solutions for military, domestic security, and commercial applications. Citadel technology is trusted by dozens of customers, including US Special Forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, Border Guard and Coast Guard.

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