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Leeds, full time, up to £ 30k

There is no doubt that drones are changing the world and you are fully aware of it as you have already worked with them and seen the tremendous possibilities they offer! The industry is reportedly valued at £ 100 billion over the next five years – there is no comparable sector for growth and opportunity. You could say the right place, the right time! We would say great vision.

COPTRZ provides companies with market-leading commercial drone solutions. We are looking for a trainer who is a leader, BEST IN YOUR CLASS, who offers top notch CAA regulated drone training and advanced CPD courses.

Our employee values ​​are GOLD: –

To grow – Always learn and stretch.

Home work– We are relentless, resilient and think 10 times.

Leverage– Always reinforce remarkable assets.

To disturb– Inventive, ingenious and groundbreaking.

For this role, you will conduct training in various locations in the UK including elementary schools, exams, flight coaching, flight planning and flight assessment. They also coordinate online courses and webinars. You will be responsible for a variety of training projects, including the creation of training resources, handovers of drone systems, and other applicable business-related tasks.

Basic experience / qualifications

  • At least 1 year of verifiable professional experience in the operation of a SUAS
  • Excellent understanding of all ANO 2016 laws and applications
  • Excellent understanding of the use of SUAS technology
  • Excellent demonstrable presentation and training skills
  • Excellent understanding of how to use PC / Mac based software
  • Ability to travel and stay in the UK and occasionally abroad if required

Desirable experience / qualifications

  • Experience in commercial or military training
  • Implementation of training courses for groups of 10 or more people
  • Experience in discovering and selling customer information
  • Industry-specific experience, e.g. B. Surveying, thermography, media, construction, etc.
  • Graphic design and editing (photo and video)
  • Experience with learning management systems
  • Technical skills related to the construction, maintenance and repair of SUAS
  • QMS

You can work from home but train in a variety of locations including our headquarters in Leeds.


  1. Please visit to perform a quick test.

2. Please send an email to to confirm that you have taken the test. Please also send us: –

  • resume
  • Cover letter with examples of how you demonstrated our GOLD values.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Job type: full time

Salary: £ 30,000.00 + benefits

Interested in this role?


info@coptrz.comphone0330 111 7177

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