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Cyberhawk, the world’s leading provider of drone-based inspections and developer of iHawk, a cloud-based asset visualization software, announced today that it has signed a contract with a major California utility to provide UAV services.

With the contract, which was signed earlier this year as part of a tendering process, Cyberhawk will support the energy company’s critical campaign for the prevention and reliability of forest fires. The scope of work includes thousands of UAV inspections of steel lattice towers and wood power transmission structures that are part of the critical power grids of the Golden State.

Cyberhawk will draw on its experience in bringing utilities the next level of quality in the collection and management of inspection data, incrementally changing fault detection, maintenance planning and remedial tracking, and helping utilities maintain a safe and resilient electrical network.

Cyberhawk is recognized as the world’s leading provider of drone inspections and will deploy highly skilled, restrained UAV pilots who have completed a rigorous training program, hundreds of industry-oriented flying hours, and over four years of experience safely flying drones in complex and challenging environments around the world.

Commenting on winning the contract, Chris Fleming, CEO of Cyberhawk:

“Protecting customers and property during the forest fire season is a top priority for US utility companies. To avoid deadly fires and power outages, damage control is key. We are seeing more and more utilities turning to trusted UAV-based inspection services to improve their forest fire prevention and reliability programs.

“Securing this contract strengthens the high level of trust we have built in the utility sector and underscores the strong performance of our people and our technology. We have proven that we can always successfully provide UAV services at the highest level under difficult conditions and in a number of safety-critical project areas.

“We look forward to building on this relationship and continuing to provide US utilities with innovative UAV solutions and highly skilled pilots to support their inspection and maintenance programs and ensure operations are as safe and resilient as possible . “

As an industry pioneer, Cyberhawk has made 37 world firsts and inspected more than 15,000

Structures and safely executed over 45,000 UAV flights. Today, the company operates in 37 countries around the world and has headquarters in Denver, Houston and San Francisco that meet the needs of the US utility sector.

About Cyberhawk

With several offices around the world, including the US and UK, Cyberhawk is the world’s leading provider of visual asset and project management using drones and its proprietary software iHawk. With over 37 world firsts, the industry pioneer Cyberhawk carries out an accurate visual and thermal inspection of industrial and offshore industrial facilities such as flares, wind turbines and power pylons. The results are delivered via the innovative, data-independent visualization software iHawk, which seamlessly connects spatial data, IoT and third-party data to provide an intuitive and compelling user experience. For more information visit:

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