DJI FPV drone spare components and equipment


If you’ve ever owned an FPV drone before, you probably already know that it won’t last forever. During a risky maneuver, you could hit a tree or building that could seriously damage your aircraft. These situations are covered by a paid one DJI FPV Drone Care Refresh Premium service, but only 2 times for a 1-year plan and 3 times for a 2-year plan. What if you crash multiple times? Or whether the repair process (replacement part) will cost you less than the replacement fee?

In the event of a crash, one or more propellers and the gimbal gimbal will most likely suffer. A set of replacement propellers is available for $ 15 and the DJI FPV Gimbal Camera is available for $ 129. A detailed tutorial on how to replace the gimbal by yourself can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Replacement arms and motors will be available soon as they can easily break in the event of a collision. In the event of a total write-off, you can purchase a brand new DJI FPV drone with a battery for $ 739.

The DJI FPV Combo Pack includes goggles, a transmitter and a flight battery. If you want a longer flight time, you can use one or more spare batteries. DJI sells FPV drone batteries for $ 159. They also have Fly More kit with two batteries and include a charging base for $ 299. Available optional accessories include the brand new motion controller that allows one-handed operation.

Where can I find original parts for DJI FPV drones?

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