Dji spark Vs Dji Mavic Mini – Which digital camera drone is best


Dji has a series of remarkable drones with cameras. Which one between the Dji Spark and the Dji Mavic mini best suits your needs?

Camera drones are becoming increasingly popular for drone hobbyists as well as professional photographers and drone pilots. They are fun to use and guarantee high quality aerial photos for events, giving shots that require angles that would be difficult to attain from the ground. Dji has become well known for producing high quality and reliable camera drones like the Spark and Mavic mini, which can be used for leisure and work. Which one between the two would best suit your requirements?

What are the differences between Dji spark and Mavic Mini?

Feature Dji Spark Mavic Mini
Range 2 kilometres 4 kilometres
Flight time 16 minutes 30 minutes
Operation Level Beginner Intermediate
Dimensions (mm) 143 x 143 x 55 160 x 202 x 55
Weight 300 g 250 g
Video Bitrate: 24 Mb/s

Mode: 1080p (30fps)

Format: MP4

Bitrate: 40 Mb/s

Mode: 1080p (60fps)

Format: MP4

Photos 12 MP (JPEG) 12 MP (JPEG)
Camera View system Downward Downward and forward
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Dji spark Vs Mavic Mini- How do they compare?

The portability of a drone is determined by its weight, dimensions and design features. The Mavic mini is lighter than the Dji Spark by 50g. It is notable that this difference does not affect its performance in wind, where they are the same. The Mavic Mini has foldable arms and features which allow it to be stored in a bag, making it more portable than the Spark.

Most Dji camera drones use the DJI GO 4 application which allows for data access and good areal control of the Drone’s mode and settings. The Mavic Mini and Dji spark are both compatible with the same application. However, for the Mavic Mini, the user has the option of syncing with a simplified version of the application called the DJI Fly app. This app has similar capabilities and functions as the DJI GO 4, in a simplified and stripped down interface. The DJI fly allows the user to have a simpler control system for the Mavic Mini, making it more convenient to use.

The Dji Spark and Mavic mini both have great features and functions including: Quickshots, which allows the user to easily take creative shots and videos, Active track, which enables the Drone to follow a desired object while taking high quality shots or video and Tapfly, which gives the user control of the drone through tapping their phone screen. However, the Mavic Mini has a slightly wider set of features that include FlyCam, which gives the user a simplified experience when flying the drone, thanks to the DJI Fly application. The additional features and the ease of using them presented by the DJI fly application make the Mavic Mini a more advanced camera drone than the Spark

Both drones have the same camera sensor, which is capable of 12 MP photos in JPEG format. However, the Mavic mini goes a bit further and includes the ability to capture DNG photos, making it the only camera drone in the Dji series that captures RAW photos. It is also capable of capturing video in a wider range of resolutions which is 1080p with 60 fps compared to the Spark’s 1080p with 30 fps. This added to the Mavic Mini’s ability to capture videos at 40 Mb/s compared to the 24 Mb/s offered by the Spark, make its camera quality and ability higher the Dji Spark.

Dji spark Vs Mavic Mini- A comparison review

Dji spark

The Dji Spark is an impressive camera drone from the trusted Dji brand that offers its user 16 minutes of continuous flight time over a 2 kilometre range. It is also very easy to use, which makes it one of the highest recommended drones for first time drone users. The Dji spark can be operated from the DJI GO 4 application, which is compatible with IOS 10.0, Android 5.0 or any higher model of the same, making it easy to pair to your controlling device. The package comes with a remote controller, which gives the user an additional option to using their phone, as well as a spare battery.


  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use
  • The DJI GO 4 application has low software requirements


  • It cannot take vertical shots and videos


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Dji Mavic Mini

The Dji Mavic Mini is a powerful camera drone that combines flying efficiency with great camera quality. It is very light at 250 grams, making it highly portable yet stable to fly. Its camera takes JPEG photos at 12 MP while capturing 2.7K HD videos at 1080p. Its camera offers both a forward and downward angle paired with a tri-axis gimbal which is motorized thus allowing it to take both horizontal and vertical videos. The Dji Mavic Mini has a flight time of 30 minutes over a 4kkm range, which is very impressive. It can be operated through a simplified version of the DJI GO 4 app called the DJI Fly, which is very easy to use and compatible with Android 6.0, IOS 10.0 or any higher version.


  • It gives very good video and photo quality
  • It has a long flight time
  • It has a wide range
  • It is portable



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The Dji brand is constantly outdoing itself with their camera drones and the Spark and Mavic Mini are two great examples. The Dji Spark would be the better pick for beginner drone pilots and hobbyists looking for an easy and fun to use selfie mini-drone. On the other hand, the Mavic Mini has a wider set of more advanced features and would be more suitable for advanced users like drone pilots and areal photographers.

Verdict- So which is better, Dji spark or Mavic Mini?

The Dji Mavic Mini is definitely better than the Dji spark because it has more advanced features including a wider range and longer flight time at an affordable price.


Can the Dji Spark shoot a vertical video?

No it cannot. The Dji spark has a downward camera view system which does not allow it to shoot a vertical video.

Which storage device card should I get for the Mavic Mini?

Any UHS-I speed class 3 would do, or a model above that.

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