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The former US Air Force Assistant Secretary brings in-depth expertise in unlocking defense spending for research and development and new technology for venture capital companies

Volansi, the leading provider of autonomous vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone delivery services supported by Lightspeed and Icon Ventures, today announced the appointment of Dr. Will Roper, former Deputy Secretary of the US Air Force, known. to the Board of Directors. Dr. Roper will focus on the company’s strategy, operations and growth in the defense markets.

In his previous position, Dr. Roper was U.S. Air Force Assistant Secretary for Acquisitions, Technology and Logistics, where he oversaw an annual budget of $ 60 billion. He was responsible for all research and development, testing, production, modernization and logistics efforts of the Air Force
and Space Force and was instrumental in accelerating the acquisition process and promoting a disruptive culture of innovation within the government.

“DR. Will Roper joins the board of Volansi and is considered a transformative, future-oriented market leader,” said Hannan Parvizian, CEO and co-founder of Volansi Contribute

Volansi’s mission to change the future of the supply chain. I am very pleased, Dr. To welcome Roper to the Volansi team and look forward to his leadership if we continue to expand the limits of autonomous flight. “

During his time in the Air Force, Dr. Roper made great strides in creating defense market opportunities for commercial companies and private investors, leading initiatives such as AFWERX and Small

Reform of Business Innovative Research (SBIR). He led Air Force-wide technology transformations for software development, artificial intelligence and digital engineering. He also initiated high-tech programs for hypersonic weapons, autonomous drones, and a militarized Internet of Things
Monitor the daily readiness of over 5,000 military aircraft and support systems.

“Commercial tech companies like Volansi are leading a wave of disruptive innovations for defense missions,” said Dr. Roper. “Many providers who had no speed or flexibility in public procurement in the past have opportunities to generate income in national security early on
Road to Commercial Success. Volansi is uniquely positioned in the commercial UAV market because of it
Her focus is on freight and logistics, both large components of the modern military. I look forward to helping them think about ways they can provide on-demand lifesaving functions to men and women in uniform. “

At the beginning of his career, Dr. Roper founding director of the Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO), which uses existing government and trade systems to solve the military’s most pressing problems. Its programs included concepts such as hypervelocity artillery missile defense, multipurpose missiles, smartphone navigational weapons, big data-enabled detection, 3D printed systems, ranged arsenal aircraft, autonomous mini-fighters, and swarming drones to demonstrate the world’s largest swarm in the Year 2017.

Volansi’s relationships with the Air Force and the Ministry of Defense are well established. The company received Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) through the Air Force’s SBIR / STTR Center (Small Business Technology Transfer) innovation program. Volansi has also been named the official provider of the US Air Force’s Skyborg Vanguard program.

About Volansi:

Volansi offers fast, on-demand delivery services for time-sensitive shipments over long distances. We build and operate long range, high payload drones for commercial, defense and humanitarian applications. By using drone technology as a transport method, we help our customers gain control of their supply chain by delivering critical equipment (and supplies) where there would otherwise have been unpredictable delays – saving time, money and life. To find out more, visit volansi.com or follow us on Twitter (twitter.com/volans_i).

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