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DRONAMICS, the world’s leading developer and operator of mid-mile cargo drones, today unveiled the first five airports in its European network of cargo drone ports.

The DRONAMICS European Droneport Network is the world’s first freight drone port network and comprises private airports and airport groups that operate more than 35 airports in 11 European countries and connect 300 million people with an inexpensive freight service on the same day. DRONAMICS will operate same-day flights within the network with its proprietary DRONAMICS large cargo drones “Black Swan”, each with a capacity of 350 kg and a range of up to 2,500 km, reducing time, costs and emissions by up to 80% traditional Air freight.

The first 5 airports presented today are in Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Italy and Sweden. These include regional air carriers such as Liège Airport (Belgium), which serves as Alibaba’s European hub, and Brescia (Italy) Airport, the national hub for the Italian postal system, as well as a select number of airports in strategic locations across the continent that runs through ambitious investment programs such as Skövde (Sweden), Seinäjoki (Finland) and Osijek (Croatia) are on their way to becoming regional air cargo centers.

“The power of logistics to unlock economic value and opportunity is unmatched. For this reason, in a world after 2020, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that same-day shipping is possible not only in large cities, but in every community, no matter how small or remote. More than ever, it is vital for countries to have uninterrupted trade and utilities with their neighbors no matter what, and our international drone port network will enable just that. We are starting with Europe, not only because our 2,500km range allows us to cover the entire continent in one flight, but also because the EU and EASA have shown remarkable regulatory leadership in the field of air mobility, and we are delighted that we think it’s great airport partners to work with us to advance this emerging technology, ”said Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder and CEO of DRONAMICS.

“We believe that unmanned air freight will be an important part of the future of the logistics industry. With the capabilities of the Black Swan, DRONAMICS is tapping into the growing segment of on-demand same-day delivery in the areas of e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and time-sensitive freight. Innovation is the key in our industry to meet current and future challenges. The development of LGG as a drone hub is part of our strategic plan. At the first edition of the We Cargo Innovation Forum, we were happy to present the technology of the future. Now we are taking the next step with DRONAMICS and with the support of Skeyes, the Belgian air navigation service provider that plays a leading role in the regulation of drones. LGG is looking forward to adding this cutting-edge technology to its multimodal logistics approach, ”says Steven Verhasselt, VP Commercial at Liège Airport.

“The partnership with DRONAMICS is of crucial importance for us in this critical time of high demand for air freight. Earlier this year, the whole world saw the impact of border closings and strict quarantine measures on global supply chains as the world battled, and is still battling, the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you have the ability to move cargo without traveling with it, the supply chains become jam-proof ”, says Massimo Roccasecca, Group Cargo Director at SAVE Group, the operator of Brescia Airport. “The strategic positioning of Brescia – in the center of the Italian industrial area – as an airport that can serve international unmanned cargo and serve as a gateway for Italy in this emerging market is a really exciting opportunity.”

As part of the roll-out, DRONAMICS will station its standardized Droneport equipment at each location and supply the local communities at home and abroad on the same day and hire and train local staff for the operation and handling of the DRONAMICS flights. The airports will serve as hubs for new route developments and provide new business opportunities for network members, both directly in the form of increased freight throughput and expanded ground operations, and indirectly in the form of improved access to the local economy. Europe-wide day flights.

The start of the network comes at a crucial time for the drone delivery industry in Europe. The first uniform EU drone regulations are due to come into force on January 1, 2021. DRONAMICS is already preparing for the required certification according to the new rules before obtaining the operating license by the end of 2021 with the first commercial flights of the drone freight service on the same day, which are expected to start in early 2022.

Svilen adds: “This is a remarkable milestone for us, but there is still a lot to be done. Same-day shipping should be a human right and we look forward to expanding our network of distribution centers in Europe and around the world to meet increasing customer demands for fast, reliable and affordable air delivery. Our ultimate goal is to bring same-day air delivery to every single person on the planet at a price anyone can afford anywhere, and we are thrilled to have so many great partners with us on the journey to make it happen! ”

About DRONAMICS: DRONAMICS, based in London (UK) and Sofia (Bulgaria), is the world’s leading developer and operator of large cargo drones. The unmanned flagship Black Swan can carry 350 kg of cargo over a distance of up to 2,500 km at up to 80% lower costs than any other aircraft, enabling same-day shipping over very long distances for e-commerce and pharmaceuticals and time-sensitive shipments . Founded in 2014 by the Rangelov brothers, an economist and aerospace engineer, the fast-growing team consists of some of the world’s leading aerospace and logistics experts and has won numerous innovation awards, including the IATA Drone Innovation Award. DRONAMICS is a privately held company funded by leading aerospace, logistics and technology entrepreneurs and executives from the US, Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as Founders Factory, Speedinvest and Eleven Capital. DRONAMICS is the first strategic partner of IATA for drones worldwide and has been recognized by the European Commission as one of the top 10 EU Africa startups.

About Liège Airport (Belgium): Liège Airport is one of the leading air cargo hubs in Europe and is located in the center of the golden triangle Paris – Amsterdam – Frankfurt, which handles 66% of European freight. The airport serves as the European hub for Alibaba, the global hub for ASL Airlines Belgium (formerly TNT Airways) and the European hub for AirBridgeCargo. The airport carried 902,000 tons of transported goods in 2019.

About Brescia Airport (Italy): Brescia Montichiari is a pure cargo airport, which is the national hub for the Italian postal system. From 2004 to 2012, Brescia Airport ranked sixth among all Italian airports in freight traffic with the continuous expansion of its freight activities. In 2020, during the pandemic, Brescia climbed its position as the third national airport in terms of tonnage.

About Osijek Airport (Croatia): Osijek International Airport serves as a cargo airport for the complex traffic Pan-European Corridor Vc (road, rail, river and air traffic), Northern, Central and Southern Europe as well as the international waterway the Drava, which has a connection to the cargo port and Osijek Airport.

About Seinäjoki Airport (Finland): Seinäjoki Airport has been privately operated since 2016 and is starting an innovation program. It is well on the way to becoming one of Finland’s leading air cargo hubs for e-commerce shipments on an international and Finnish level.

About Skövde Airport (Sweden): In the immediate vicinity of Gothenburg and Stockholm, Skövde Airport serves the country of Västra Götaland and is strategically positioned to cover routes from Sweden, Denmark and Norway and to establish connections to European capitals.

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