Drone Supply Business Chief Valqari selects DroneSec As Drone Safety Assurance Companion – Drones Information


CHICAGO, IL USA; MELBOURNE, Australia, August 2020 – DroneSec Pty Ltd is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Valqari LLC. DroneSec will work with Valqari to further improve the implementation, security and protection of drone delivery technologies worldwide.

One of the main concerns for the advancement of delivery via drone systems is ensuring the security of the physical systems and cyber systems involved. By including the services of DroneSec as offensive and defensive cyber-physical security experts, the partnership between Valqari and DroneSec will increase security and advance the drone delivery industry.

Mike Monnik, CTO of DroneSec said, “Companies are looking for independent third-party validation and security of the systems they build. Valqari needs to demonstrate this to its customers and investors, and we are pleased to offer security services to their technologies. Valqari is one of the more forward-thinking organizations that understands the security risks associated with UAS technologies. We’ll take care of security so they can focus on innovation. “

Ryan Walsh, Valqari Co-Founder and CEO, stated, “Valqari security is more than just ensuring the safe delivery of a package, it is the security of the infrastructures required to bring this new technology to market safely and effectively bring. Our partnership with DroneSec will enable Valqari to continue delivering the most reliable delivery solution regardless of ever-changing security threats. “

Valqari’s Smart Mailbox includes an automatic authentication process followed by landing instructions and a package receiving and storage system.

DroneSec is a cyber-UAV security and threat intelligence company based in Melbourne, Australia with a focus on the security of drones, counter-drones and UTM systems. DroneSec pioneered frameworks and methodologies for delivering services and products that improve security operations within unmanned operations. For more information: https://www.dronesec.com

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