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DRONE FUND announces that DRONE FUND II (official name; The investment limited partnership of the Chiba Dojo Drone Fund II, managed by Kotaro Chiba and Soki Ohmae in Tokyo, Japan, has in CivDrone Ltd. invested. Hereinafter CivDrone under the direction of Tom Yeshurun ​​and Liav Muler from Tel Aviv, Israel.

While drones search for new markets and social implementations every day, they continue to gain credibility in existing traditional industrial areas.

CivDrone, an Israeli drone startup, has pioneered the performance and potential of construction and civil engineering drones by revolutionizing land surveying and GIS technology.

This time we were able to interview Tom, who is also co-founder of Shiv Drone, in detail about the technology in development and its innovative solutions.

Civ Drone solution
Tom CEO (omitted): Shiv Drone is a start-up for construction and civil engineering robotics that tries to automate ground marking / measurement using AI, robotics and drone technology.

In the past, for example, we had to send a specialized team to construction sites to walk around the construction site and manually drive hundreds of piles every day (marking). With our solution, however, customers can achieve as many operations as they want at the push of a button.

The drone is encoded based on the blueprint, flies to the desired coordinates and drives the stack as it rotates to the ground with an accuracy of 1-2 cm. While surveyors and others spend their time doing more important tasks, drones can do the hard work instead. “

What are your needs and use cases?
Thanks to the use of robotics and automation, the Shiv Drone solution can perform these hard-working tasks with a precision range of 1 to 2 cm. In the future, we want to offer a solution that customers can use to simply monitor their work by leaving it to an autonomous system that does the work. We position our company as a one-stop shop for robotics on construction sites and in civil engineering and would like to use this as a basis to expand the market to different areas.

What do you think about the social acceptance of drones?
During the COVID-19 epidemic, social acceptance of drones increased significantly. People around the world, as well as those familiar with the industry, are now realizing the potential of drones to support our daily lives.

The construction / civil engineering and infrastructure markets are highly compatible with drones and have been shown to benefit from this technology. For drone operators who are already on site, our technology should give a huge boost in improving their performance.

What are the benefits of Shiv drone technology for society?
By shortening the critical path (* 1), the downtime (* 2) at the site can be reduced and the construction time can be shortened. You can reduce on-site work delays by avoiding marking / stacking errors that can lead to unnecessary increases in on-site work and construction site waste.

Another view is that working on construction and civil engineering sites is not always easy and many of them are dangerous. Every year we hear from people who died in a field accident. However, the most common cases are snake bites and falls, as well as serious machine accidents. By reducing the time spent in dangerous situations and working hours on site, you ultimately reduce the risk and save the life and safety of your employees.

* 1: A series of planned activities / tasks that determine the project period. * 2: The time when
Computer systems, network services, etc. are stopped due to maintenance or malfunctions.

Tell us about the vision of the Shiv drone
The possibilities are endless! (The sky is the limit!)

Robotics, drones and AI make our lives safer, easier and easier. Ci Shidrone will focus on industrial solutions in civil engineering and will definitely try to play a role in this movement.

What are the highlights of
2020 ? We are currently working on a ground vehicle that works with the drone. We not only want to offer our customers more automated solutions, we also want to reduce the time spent on hard work on site so that highly specialized employees can concentrate on their more important tasks. ..

We’re looking forward to a great year providing automation services to our customers in the U.S., EU and Japan!

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