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With the “Arrow Drone Zone”, automated drones and general aviation can coexist harmoniously in a real environment

London, United Kingdom; The Thames Valley, west of London, will be where that is likely to be
World’s first commercial drone corridor in open and unrestricted airspace according to plan
filed with the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

The website is operated and managed by Altitude Angel and supports fully automated drones
Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights from any drone company operating a number of
Basic technical integrations that do not require any special hardware on board the drone.

The proposed zone, for which the required infrastructure deployment will begin within weeks, was
and is proposed as part of the CAA innovation sandbox under the name “Project Arrow”
is south of Reading, Berkshire.

It will be approximately 8 km long and 500 m wide and will serve to extend the advanced detection and avoidance functions to drones flying within the zone.

Drones flying within the Arrow Drone Zone are tracked and monitored by Altitude Angel via the UTM
Platform, GuardianUTM O / S that communicates with ground and air infrastructure to deploy
automated navigation for drones flying within the zone, pre-flight permissions and automatic
Separation protection.

The nearby manned aviation and even other non-participating drones are mapped so securely in real time
Distances are respected and appropriate preventive measures can be taken if predicted
injured. If a conflict is detected, the drones involved are automatically and appropriately avoided
Instructions such as B. an instruction to change the flight path, hold, return or land.

A remote pilot will also be alerted, and manual control of the drone can be done at any time. Drones flying in arrow-drone zones do not require any special equipment, such as B. new sensors to use the zone.

In contrast to existing drone corridors or research facilities, in which the airspace is typically restricted or
closed to traffic in general aviation by redefining the airspace as a Temporary Hazardous Area (TDA)
The Arrow Drone Zone is located in open and unrestricted airspace. This means drones and in general
Aviation will share the same airspace in a real environment.

The zone is open to any company that completes the technical integration and stands out from it
other drone corridors that are often closed to organizations that are not directly involved in their funding,
Management or as part of a specific project.

When the process is complete, Altitude Angel will “package” the Arrow Drone Zone technology and allow everyone
Organization, airport, city or municipality that wants to set up and operate an Arrow Drone Zone
So quick, easy and inexpensive through a simple license agreement.

Richard Parker, Altitude Angel, CEO and Founder, said, “Project Arrow and Arrow Drone Zones are opening
the door to the next level in the development of UTM and automated drone operations. The size of it
Step should not be underestimated: The automated BVLOS flight in unrestricted airspace is of great importance
To overcome the barrier to achieve the vision of mass deployment of drones.

“Drone technology has the potential to change the world in a variety of ways, and Altitude Angel will
Be ready to help organizations and businesses around the world activate automated drones
Flights and manned aviation to operate safely side-by-side through the implementation of Arrow
Drone zones. “

Altitude Angel has spent several years developing and building the Arrow operating concept
and related technologies, including the creation of a comprehensive safety case
This is part of the CAA filing as well as the collaboration with companies and organizations within the CAA
the general aviation community. In addition, permits have been obtained and granted from the various organizations
Real estate owners under whom the first drone corridor operates.

Any organization wishing to participate in Arrow should contact Altitude Angel via
[email protected]

Ed’s note, west of London, Reading M4 hummm

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