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Oxford, UK June 2020. Dronestream releases its flagship enterprise software designed to improve remote capabilities for drone pilots and their teams or customers. After participating in the SSAP accelerator in Sweden, Dronestream adds a multinational technology company as one of its investors.

About dronestream

Dronestream attempted to overcome one of the barriers that limit the full potential of widespread small unmanned aerial systems used by the commercial drone operator. This barrier stems from the fact that the pilot has difficulty sharing live aerial footage that he receives from the drone with the rest of his team, experts, control rooms, or perhaps customers. The live streaming of videos to multiple sources is not enough to gain real situational awareness.

For this reason, Dronestream added insights into live maps, communication, and the ability to effortlessly save a record of the finished live stream that was synchronized with telemetry and communication throughout the flight.

Features are not the only important aspect when streaming live drones. The ability to effortlessly join the live stream from anywhere via 4G / LTE / 5G or WiFi via any device is critical to the success of flight collaboration.

Dronestream Enterprise

The new enterprise product was developed from scratch, based on feedback from thousands of Dronestream customers last year. The new functions have a completely revised web portal and mobile apps to offer our customers an unmatched user-friendliness. Pilots can use plug-and-play functions to completely eliminate any technical know-how when setting up video and data streaming. Companies can manage the use of their pilots, viewers, records and more through a secure and intuitive web portal.

Live streams that are broadcast and received do so at a greatly reduced bit rate to ensure that the stream is stable even under low to medium bandwidth conditions – without sacrificing video quality.

Thanks to the new modular approach for Dronestream Enterprise, customers can request customized functions and, thanks to the cloud-based architecture in our entire user base, quickly provide new, scalable updates without downtime.

Mobile website experiences leave a lot to be desired. Dronestream is proud to have launched our product natively on iOS, Android, SmartController, CrystalSky and Web to ensure that users can start and access a stream with minimal effort.

Dronestream is currently working with cellular companies to see how 5G can further improve drone technology by leveraging the features of this technology with low latency.

COVID-19 impact

Dronestream has seen an increase in the need for live drone data to reduce the need for additional local staff and to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Dronestream helps companies work remotely while working with a single drone operator at the location they want to investigate.


Dronestream participated in the SSAP accelerator program at the Swedish headquarters for mobile communication, just a stone’s throw from where Bluetooth technology was born. The team worked with the world’s leading engineers, business experts and consultants to perfect the offering. This led to an investment by one of the world’s largest technology companies. This allows
Dronestream will continue its ongoing research and development efforts to combine unmatched ease of use with advanced remote drone capabilities for businesses. “SSAP has led Dronestream to new ways of thinking for the future,” said Harry Howe, CEO and co-founder of Dronestream.

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