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Elistair, the European leader in connected drones, opens its first North American office in Boston to accelerate its growth.

Elistair, the manufacturer of tethered drones, has announced the opening of its first North American office in Boston, USA. This is a move that will allow the company to support its rapid growth in the US and Canadian markets and provide local support to customers and partners.

Founded in France in 2014, the company has seen continuous growth and has quickly positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of stopping stations and connected drones with more than 600 systems in 65 countries.

The company’s patented tethered drone systems can fly for longer periods of time and were particularly popular at major events such as the US Democratic Party’s primaries in 2020, the Superbowl final in 2019, the Champions League final in 2019 and the Ryder Cup and established Paris Peace Forum in 2018.

Elistair opens a Boston office to accelerate development in North America.

Elistair CEO

With a physical presence in the USA, Elistair can offer its customers closer and more responsive support and strengthen the network of strategic partners on the continent.

“This is an important step for our team and our American partners. Our growth in this market has accelerated rapidly over the past two years and the creation of a local team has become an essential step for Elistair. ” Guilhem de Marliave, CEO and Co-Founder

Although Elistair is used in a wide variety of industries, Elistair’s primary customers in the United States are first responder, defense and private security organizations. Key Account Manager Geraud Gaillard has grown the company’s North American presence over the past two years and will be relocating to Boston to help set up and recruit a local team.

Drone system connected to Elistair

Boston was selected by Elistair for its robotics and autonomous systems ecosystem, as well as its connections to major North American cities.

The foundations of Elistair’s presence are already taking shape. An agreement was recently signed with one of Elistair’s partners, Sinclair University, Ohio, which is now an official Elistair Technical Center and can provide training on the Elistair range of products to North American customers and partners.

Elistair manufactures and markets a range of attached UAVs and stopping stations for use in various sectors:

  • SAFE T 2: The newest and most powerful stopping station in the Elistair range that offers longer flight times for commercial UAVs.
  • LIGHT T 4: A compact and quick-to-use docking station suitable for long endurance missions and compatible with a wide variety of standard drones, including the new DJI M300.
  • Orion UAS: A semi-autonomous tethered drone designed and developed by Elistair as a turnkey solution for long range missions. Orion is equipped with day and night payloads and offers a powerful and flexible monitoring function.

About Elistair:

Elistair was founded in 2014 and develops connected drones and powered docking stations for third-party drones. This turns small vehicles with multiple rotors into platforms in the air for permanent surveillance and high-speed telecommunications. Elistair products have been used by the military, law enforcement, public security departments and private companies in more than 65 countries. The company’s customers include the United Nations, the French Defense Procurement Agency, the UK Department of Defense, the US Army, New York State Police, Paris Police Headquarters, Vodafone, Thales and Petronas.

More information about Elistair and its products can be found at www.elistair.com. You can find the latest developments on Linkedin @elistair

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