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IDSA Awards are a collection of awards given in recognition of a significant contribution to society or the industrial design profession, for outstanding academic achievement, or for personal achievement. The awards listed here are presented annually at or in the immediate vicinity of the International Design Conference. The IDSA Awards Committee, composed of IDSA members and led by IDSA’s At-Large Directors (Awards), maintains annual control of this portfolio and evaluates candidates to identify deserving recipients.

The demand for fast logistics has increased worldwide. Traditional infrastructures like roads and airports are not scaling to meet global demand, traffic congestion is higher than ever, and over 1 billion people live in communities beyond the reach of reliable roads.

The Elroy Air Chaparral can improve the quality of life worldwide by improving access to time-sensitive consumables.

It’s an autonomous aircraft transportation solution that skips traditional infrastructure. It delivers and collects cargo, up to 300 pounds over a range of 300 miles, with no human contact.

Now, hard-to-reach communities no longer have to wait for critical goods such as medicines and food. It can also be used in disaster relief situations to re-deliver critical goods for the military and deliver goods to extreme climates such as rural communities in Alaska – all without risking the lives of pilots.

The chaparral differs from military, general aviation, and consumer drones, yet it projects a force of gravity suitable for a powerful future logistics device.

Designed by: Colin Owen, Clint Cope, Terik Weekes, Isaiah Jones and Sean Belardo for Elroy Air

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