Emesent proclaims In-Q-Tel as a strategic investor to assist enlargement into new industries – Drones Information


Emesent, a pioneering autonomous mapping and analysis company, today announced a new investment from In-Q-Tel (IQT), the nonprofit strategic investor that identifies innovative technology solutions to support the defense and government communities of the United States and Australia and their allies. The strategic investment will help drive Emesent’s expansion into new industries such as defense, security and emergency response.

In-Q-Telโ€™s investment is a confirmation of Emesentโ€™s commercial success to date. Annual sales increased by more than 400% compared to the previous year. Emesent is the proven solution of its kind with more than 100 customers in 25 countries including BHP and Glencore using their autonomous drone technology.

Emesent’s hovermap payload enables autonomous drone flight in non-GPS environments and is the most widely used solution for autonomous drones in underground mining. It is used at 60 mine sites and covers more than 4,000 autonomous underground flights within two years.

With In-Q-Tel’s investments and Emesent’s proven mining and infrastructure capabilities, the company is growing into new industries including defense, security and crisis management, and addressing the global incident and emergency management market, the Expected to reach US $ 156.1 billion by 2025. Emesent has received great interest from defense organizations around the world following its success in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Subterranean Challenge.

Emesent’s pioneering autonomous technologies build on a decade of award-winning research at CSIRO that brings together the best of SLAM and autonomous drone technology to provide better insights and data in GPS-denied environments. The company recently introduced Autonomy Level 2 (AL2) for Hovermap, offering the world’s first autonomous GPS denied due to a plug-and-play payload beyond line of sight. It represents a major breakthrough on the path to fully autonomous flight systems that will allow drones to navigate underground environments and control the systems remotely.

Brigid Oโ€™Brien, Managing Director of IQT Australia said: โ€œEmesent’s autonomous technology offers much-needed features that have far-reaching potential in many industries. We are excited to support Emesent’s continued growth in new industries and use cases both in Australia and around the world. “

Dr. Stefan Hrabar, CEO and Co-Founder of Emesent, said: โ€œThis investment by In-Q-Tel and the associated strategic support are a boon to our continued growth and the growth of drone autonomy. Autonomous drones offer tremendous benefits to many industries, including mining, construction, defense, and emergency response. With the support of In-Q-Tel, we can continue our expansion into new industries and use cases to serve more customers with autonomous drone technology. “

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