Emily Bratt joins DronePrep – Drones Information


We are very excited to welcome Emily to the DronePrep team today, where she will work closely with Claire Owen and Gareth Whatmore to grow the DronePrep Airspace Growth Program.

Emily recently graduated with flying colors (1st !!!) from the University of Worcestershire where she has carried out a number of pioneering projects with the University of Worcestershire Geography Department in the West Midlands, Wales, in the Swiss Alps.

In her academic work, Emily worked with university project partners, including local farmers and the environmental agency. During her professional career she has cut her teeth at companies like Hanson and Geodime.

Passionate about drone flying and the future of the drone industry, Emily has followed DronePrep’s journey for over a year.

When Emily joined, Gareth Whatmore, CEO and Co-Founder of DronePrep said:

We are extremely fortunate to have such an outstanding University of Worcestershire graduate with experience and an appetite for the growing drone sector for our new headquarters in Malvern Hill Science Park. We can’t wait to work with Emily to expand our corporate mission and open a low-level airspace for responsible drone use.

When asked about her new role on DronePrep, Emily said:

I am very excited to start my career in the UAS at DronePrep which has already made some amazing breakthroughs. This opportunity gives me a new perspective on the drone industry. I couldn’t be happier with Claire and Gareth showing me through the drone. I look forward to the future, learn and grow alongside DronePrep and see where the company is taking me!

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