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Improving and checking accuracy is a typical goal of any survey. This becomes more complex when doing a UAV LiDAR survey. Providing Routescene’s ground control targets at known and well-coordinated ground control points prior to a UAV LiDAR survey will ensure that the survey has been properly completed and that you can demonstrate that the stated accuracy has been achieved.

There are many benefits to having ground control set up, including checking for errors in your survey so that you can get reliable and quantifiable results. the ability to calibrate equipment on any project; You avoid unnecessary repeated visits to remote locations. It simplifies post-processing and avoids problems with data alignment.

UAV LiDAR surveys are typically performed in remote, rural, and sometimes dangerous locations where fixed points are not available, such as B. solid surfaces or concrete features that could be used as ground control points. Routescene’s ground control targets solve this problem.

Specially designed for UAV LiDAR surveys

The Routescene UAV LiDAR ground control targets are quick and easy to implement. A built-in spirit level, which is lifted off the floor with a mini tripod, enables precise leveling and requires a tripod. Robustly constructed, the targets stay in position in adverse and windy conditions, reducing the risk of repositioning during a survey.

Covered with highly retroreflective material to create high intensity backflows, each target is typically hit 200-300 times by the lasers of the UAV LiDAR system. This makes the targets easy to identify and can be automatically extracted from the georeferenced point cloud.

You can directly compare the known coordinate of the physical target with the coordinate visible in the point cloud. The difference between the two coordinates is the error: confirmation of the accuracy achieved in the survey.

Routescene customer Vashaun Henderson of Rekon Solutions in Canada said, β€œWhen working for engineering and surveying customers, accuracy is of the utmost importance to us. With the help of the special laser-reflecting ground control targets from Routescene, we were able to clearly identify and measure surveying monuments on site and identify these targets in the scan. These goals allow us to better evaluate the orientation of the scan and to evaluate and report on the horizontal and vertical accuracy. It’s something that separated us from the pack. Rekon has achieved great success in implementing these goals. “

The founder and CTO of Gert Riemersma Routescene added, β€œAt Routescene we have a strong ethos of quality control and quality assurance based on my own fundamentals in land surveying and my extensive experience in the offshore industry where quality assurance and quality control have worked of highest importance. By setting ground control points using our ground control targets, you can check the accuracy achieved, calibrate the sensors on the drone, identify errors early on and thereby improve your confidence in the accuracy of the survey.

Investing in Routescene ground control targets for UAV LiDAR surveys adds value to your data. If you take the extra time and effort to install these goals and generate quality assurance reports, you will improve the quality and confidence in your data. “

To read an in-depth article from Gert on how to improve the accuracy of UAV LiDAR surveys using ground control points, visit: https://www.routescene.com/events/uav-lidar-accuracy-with-ground-control-points /

Routescene Ground Control Targets can now be ordered. For more information, see

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