FAA Drone Security Week (November 2020)


The Federal Aviation Administration is hosting its second annual drone safety awareness week November 16-22, 2020. The FAA is committed to the safety of the national airspace system as we continue to integrate drones and other new technologies. Drone Safety Awareness Week is an opportunity for others to share their commitment to drone safety.

During this virtual event, the FAA and stakeholders will highlight key educational topics related to drone safety:

  • Monday: LEARNING – What do you need to know before you fly?
  • Tuesday: IMPROVE – How can you improve your flying skills?
  • Wednesday: PASSION FOR A PROFESSION – How to go from a recreational pilot to a commercial drone pilot.
  • Thursday: STARTING A PROGRAM – Learn how to start a public safety program
  • Friday: IN THE CLASSROOM – How can you use drones in STEM training?
  • Saturday and Sunday: have fun – why are you flying?

For more information, see faa.gov.


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