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Transport Canada has approved FIXAR’s revolutionary drone design for flights in Canada. This means that the FIXAR can launch missions in controlled airspace and close to people – and open the sky to commercial and industrial customers.

This breakthrough comes when the company officially launches its product on the North American market.

The approval means that Transport Canada is confident that the FIXAR drone meets the federal requirements under Part IX of the Canadian Aviation Code (CARs) and that this remote controlled aircraft system (RPAS) is for advanced operation in both controlled and uncontrolled airspace in Canada suitable is .

“We are delighted to receive this approval – and to bring the unique FIXAR VTOL solution to North America,” said Vasily Lukashov, CEO and inventor of FIXAR. “This design offers all the advantages of quadcopter and fixed-wing drones without any disadvantages.”

The FIXAR takes off like a helicopter and flies like an airplane. Technically, this is known as a vertical take-off and landing device with a fixed wing or VTOL. It is a design that offers the comfort of a quadcopter, but has the range and efficiency associated with a traditional winged design. It can take off and land anywhere, and no cumbersome launchers or detection devices are required.

Most winged VTOL drones require that the angle of the motors change when transitioning from vertical to horizontal flight. FIXAR uses a patented fixed angle rotor system, which means fewer moving parts or potential defects. Transitions are seamless and all engines are used during the missions. In contrast to constructions in which engines are switched off during forward flight, the FIXAR does not carry any “dead weight” during missions.

This configuration combined with its two kilogram payload makes the FIXAR ideal for a wide range of applications. These tasks include: aerial photography and mapping /
Photogrammetry, laser scanning (LiDAR), last mile delivery, precision agriculture, critical
Infrastructure monitoring and more.

“These drones have a simple but excellent design, which I appreciate as a professional commercial pilot,” said Philippe Saint-Martin, the FIXAR distributor for Canada. “The moment I saw one of these flies, I knew they would fill an obvious void in the RPAS world.”

FIXAR drones, designed by Vasily Lukashov and manufactured in Latvia, also use closed source software and proprietary hardware for added security, including data integrity. The product offers a stable and reliable platform that is already of interest to service providers worldwide.

FIXAR products are now available in Canada through a partnership with Videodrone.

Inquiries to Philippe Saint-Martin can be made by email: [email protected]
FIXAR ( is a developer and manufacturer of integrated unmanned antenna solutions for industrial purposes. Founded in 2017 by the aerospace developer

Vasily Lukashov has a unique patented design that is simpler and more reliable than other configurations. The company started selling its products in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in late 2019. It entered the Canadian and US markets in July 2020


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