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At Flock, we are reinventing commercial insurance from the ground up. We use the latest technology to assess, insure and mitigate fleet risks. After gaining dominance in the UK drone industry, we have now set ourselves the goal of becoming the first insurer for the connected and autonomous world.

We do insurance very differently. Instead of simply insuring fleets, we are actively making them safer by giving our customers real-time insights into their own processes, risks and costs. We encourage smarter behavior by aligning our insurance prices with our customers’ risks. This unique approach has allowed us to insure thousands of avid clients while reducing their risks by 25%.

With a rapidly growing customer base (from Netflix to airborne automakers), access to millions of data points, and an enthusiastic team of engineers, scientists, and insurance professionals, we’re on a mission to build the world’s first affiliated insurance company. At the same time, the world is becoming safer and smarter.

We make flock a great place to work. We are an equal opportunity employer and we attach great importance to creating a diverse and inclusive culture in which everyone can be successful. Our corporate values ​​are transparency, personal responsibility, growth, belonging, intention and creativity. We live and breathe these values ​​in the office – and at home!


About the role:

You are shaping the future of the UAV insurance industry with one of the fastest growing insurers in the UK. As UAV Sales Manager at Flock, you are responsible for increasing sales of our unmanned system insurance.

You report directly to our sales manager and help her to build a first-class sales team.

You spend your time with:

  • Perfect our sales news and become a thought leader in the field. They will repeat our tone of voice, content, outbound strategy and sales materials over and over again. They ensure we deliver a compelling message that gets across to our UAV customers, while also making sure we deliver the same message across the company (all employees, online and offline channels should be singing the same tune).
  • Participate in all phases of the sales process. You are responsible for working with our business development team to qualify and retain leads before taking control of the conversation to bring business down the line. This includes managing your own sales pipeline. Accompanying all internal and external stakeholders through the various phases of a business (brainstorming, pitching, negotiation, structuring, closing). You will design this process and continuously improve it.
  • Leadership in negotiations, conclusion of land-and-expand deals and partnerships. You are responsible for doing business on terms that are favorable to Flock. You will build robust, long-term partnerships that will allow us to scale our fleet sales efforts both nationally and internationally. They build relationships with insurance brokers, software providers, manufacturers, industry / trade organizations, and more. You will identify these partners, discover how we can help them succeed, and turn them into revenue generators for Flock.
  • Obsessed with the wants and needs of our customers, always identifying potential areas for upselling and creating internal business cases to ensure we can deliver. This should include new insurance products (capacity) and technology services (integrations, risk information, dashboards, etc.). You will work closely with our insurance team to ensure that our insurance partners deliver what we need to delight our customers with innovative insurance products and prices. You will work with our product team to ensure that our technology is always on the cutting edge of the industry.
  • We promote and stand up for our customers and work closely with marketing to tell the world about the great work our customers do (and how Flock makes it possible).

Experience required

  • You have over 3-5 years of sales experience, preferably in the commercial insurance industry covering other specialty insurance
  • You have a proven record of achieving ambitious sales targets
  • You have experience in dealing with customers in a professional and compliant manner

Bonus experience (we don’t need it, but we’d love to see it!)

  • You already have experience in the fleet area of ​​UAV / Unmanned Systems
  • You have already worked with the insurtech sector
  • They live and breathe technology and can speak about it fluently and passionately
  • You can speak another European language

We look forward to the following features

  • You are smart, creative and think on your feet. They have “raw horsepower” and the ability to get things done in a short amount of time with high quality, and they regularly ask the question: “How did they do it ?!”
  • They know where and how to prioritize. Some fires can be left burning; Some fires need to be put out immediately. You will be constantly re-prioritizing your and your sales team’s time to duplicate the task / problem that best fits the company’s current needs.
  • You are a great communicator. You work well with internal teams (engineers, product managers, our lawyers) as well as our customers and partners
  • You are very much valued and respected by our customers. You can take a consultative approach to sales by pushing back and educating our customers often by helping them explore and learn about their own problems.
  • You are creative and fearless with terms and conditions. You push the envelope on what’s possible and are ready to boldly ask partners and customers.
  • You are really persistent and relentless. They understand that business can take a long time; They knock on doors until they fall. You don’t just give up or give in to your requirements, you are creative with your resources and do everything possible to close the deal on favorable terms.
  • They are both detail-oriented and pragmatic. You understand every word of every contract, including the legal language, but you also know what’s important and where to spend your time effectively. They understand that “perfect” is the enemy of “done”.
  • You’re doing the right thing and being guided by a strong moral compass. You will be in a position of power and responsibility and will be respected within Flock. You have a strong moral compass and always do the right thing, even when it goes against your own interests.



  • Competitive salary
  • Options: We want you to own the work you do. This means that you own the company that you work for. All employees receive options as part of their compensation package
  • Pension: We offer all employees who wish to have a full pension for automatic registration at work. There is nothing special here. Just a pension

Work-life balance

  • A high degree of autonomy and empowerment in your work
  • Public Holidays: We offer 33 vacation days per year, including public holidays
  • Flexible Work Location / Working from Home: We trust you will establish an effective work pattern that will allow you to stand out in your role and make you a great Flock team member!

initial and continuing education

  • Generous books, courses, and conference budgets for all employees
  • Hackathons: We run a quarterly hackathon that lasts 24 hours. Everyone is invited to take part
  • Weekly brown bag knowledge sharing sessions: learn from your peers (or teach us something new!)
  • Extensive opportunities for personal mentoring by our committed advisory boards and investors


  • A Macbook (and accessories)
  • An abundance of socials: fancy lunches, weekly quizzes, Friday drinks and snacks, video game nights, museum lates, and much more!
  • Quarterly Offsite Adventure: Every quarter the whole team does something crazy together. Like flying an airplane to the coast!
  • Commuting assistance: We are part of the “Work cycle” program
  • Sports and clubs

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