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Flylogix, the full-service unmanned aviation company, has entered into a strategic partnership with SeekOps Inc. for offshore methane sensing and interpretation of data in the British continental shelf (UKCS).

The partnership with SeekOps, which manufactures gas detection sensors for the localization and quantification of emissions, enables the safe and inexpensive implementation of offshore emission measurement measurements outside the line of sight (BVLOS). This particular application comes at a time when energy companies are increasingly trying to monitor, evaluate and reduce emissions in order to meet regulatory requirements and achieve net zero.

The partnership will accelerate Flylogix’s transformation from remote operation and stand-off sensing and is already working with companies such as BP, Total and Chrysaor.

Measuring offshore methane emissions is extremely difficult, especially in environments like the North Sea. Flylogix and SeekOps are developing a unique approach that is changing the way it is approached. The pioneering use of unmanned aircraft and integrated sensors enables them to fly routinely and deliver an efficient and cost effective solution with minimal risk and extremely low environmental impact. The supporting technology is the SeekIR gas sensor manufactured by SeekOps, which provides highly sensitive emission measurements in a custom payload for the Flylogix fixed-wing aircraft. SeekOps’ data analysis ultimately provides reliable measurements of emissions from offshore systems.

Recent industry tests have shown that SeekOps’ methane sensor technology enables the detection of extremely low emission rates. Flylogix has successfully integrated its sensor into its unmanned FX2 aircraft and, in addition to its specially developed software AI and SatComms, offers a unique solution for remote monitoring of exhaust emissions.

The Oil and Gas Technology Center (OGTC) is helping develop this new technology and align the techniques with the wider UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) community.

Charles Tavner, Executive Chairman at Flylogix said:

“This partnership between Flylogix and SeekOps is fantastic news as we continue to pioneer the use of full-service unmanned aviation with no horizon to support the energy industry.

“By integrating the world-class SeekOps methane sensor into our UAVs, energy companies can change their emissions monitoring at remote locations and achieve significant cost, safety and environmental benefits.”

Andrew Aubrey, SeekOps senior vice president, said:

“We recognize the position that Flylogix has secured as the leader in offshore operations for Beyond Visual Line of Sight in the UK. SeekOps is excited to partner with Flylogix to expand our applications to meet offshore emissions measurement needs with our highly sensitive gas sensors and actionable analytics. “

Flylogix is ​​a team of innovative, hands-on engineers, scientists, and operators who are transforming the remote operations business using unmanned aerial systems for operations over the horizon in remote locations.

Flylogix is ​​a pioneer in the integration of self-developed software, artificial intelligence, satellite communication with small UAVs and deployable ground stations.

SeekOps Inc. develops and uses advanced sensor technology to detect, locate and quantify natural gas emissions through integrated, drone-based systems. With the latest SeekIRps sensors from SeekOps, companies and industry can meet strict operational and regulatory requirements while conserving resources.

Flylogix is ​​based in Fareham and operates a fleet of FX2 unmanned aircraft from locations across the UK, from major commercial airports to short, isolated runways.

Flylogix was recently selected (May 2020) to participate in the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) innovation sandbox. This gives innovative companies an opportunity to work together on new concepts to keep the UK aviation sector at the forefront of technology


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