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What is the “finish line” of the deliveries? What then happens when the courier or drone completes their delivery?

This step in the delivery process is full of unknowns and arguably the most important step of all. Does the consumer receive his package without any problems?

With a view to the “finish line” of courier and drone delivery, FRED LLC has developed and designed a comprehensive solution that solves logistical problems with deliveries with the patent-pending product FRED.

FRED is a container that provides a safe, contactless and convenient way to deliver frozen, chilled, electronic or dry goods, as well as valuables and medicines for both drone and traditional deliveries.

Essentially, FRED protects every delivery.

Donna Bartley founded FRED, a start-up that focuses on the various processes to ensure packages arrive at a destination and remain securely secured, with the larger goal of solving larger logistical issues related to the delivery process.

FRED is a practical comprehensive solution for the finish line of delivery that simplifies connectivity with the shipper, courier and recipient in a simple, very efficient and inexpensive way that no other drone delivery service or traditional service has addressed.

For drone deliveries, FRED is linked to every phase of the delivery process. The FRED system provides coordinates, shipping instructions, and alternative communications with a drone to guide them to the drop area.

Donna says coordinates are assigned to a drone in a warehouse and multiple shipments can be made to the same geographic area. When the coordinates are reached, the drone communicates directly with FRED.

FRED scans the area according to the security protocol and then tells the drone that it is clear and safe to drop the delivery into the container. As soon as the goods have been dropped, FRED informs the recipient and the sender that the delivery was successful. The recipient can view a live feed of the delivery.

With traditional deliveries, the use of FRED and the ability to receive large parcels with its external steel mesh bag eliminates porch piracy, and FRED’s temperature controlled and insulated interior keeps fresh food and medicine deliveries safe, cool, and fresh for you 12 hours or more. The courier, whether Amazon, UPS, FEDEX, USPS, restaurant delivery providers or pharmacies, opens FRED with a frequency signal that was assigned to FRED based on its shipping instructions. With the expectation of drone delivery services, other industries may be included in the near future.

Donna sees great benefits for manufacturers, shippers, drone fleets and recipients as FRED is used as an interface in every step of the delivery process. FRED can be used extremely efficiently, safely and inexpensively for apartment buildings, companies, roofs and houses. Not only does FRED offer a wide range of solutions and convenience, it also opens up many opportunities for drone delivery services and drone fleets to expand their market share in a trustworthy, safe and secure manner.

Drone delivery services are fast becoming part of our society. The need for an adequately secure solution is urgently needed. FRED covers all aspects of the delivery process and ensures safe deliveries and connectivity. It is an ideal solution for the post-Covid delivery industry in the 21st century.

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