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In the past two years, UAV DACH e.V. has managed to establish its reputation for organizing high quality conferences for an international audience interested in the sociological, political and technical aspects of unmanned aviation. UAV DACH e.V. will now be continued and we cordially invite you to join us in the EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM of UAV DACH e.V. will be a mixed event.

The forum is a personal style conference held in accordance with the provisions of Covid-19 and available via video conferencing for those who prefer to join us online.

The EUROPEAN DRONE FORUM (EDF) is dedicated to the specific needs of the drone community. The focus will be on the acceptance, safe and commercial operation of unmanned aerial systems.

Renowned experts from politics, business, legislation, research and development provide valuable insights into current questions and topics. In 2020, EDF offers one of the few time slots for discussion and exchange of ideas to tackle tasks and challenges faced by the unmanned aviation industry. The operation of unmanned systems within the framework of European legislation is the focus of the EEF in order to be able to initiate further strategies and promote business models and technical developments.

Conference topics

  1. Political Statements and Discussion – Action Plan for UAS – Europe’s Way in Unmanned Aviation
  2. UAS Operations Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS)
    (European legislation, responsibilities of the applicant and the authorities involved, cross-border flight operations, qualification of pilots, experience reports and knowledge gained)
  3. Flight operations in urban airspace (UAM)
    (Legal framework, flying over populated areas, European and international concepts of the U space, UAS operations in U space airspace, air traffic service providers, joint information service)
  4. Sensor data for detection and identification
    (Threat analysis for Europe, legal framework, multiple sensor counter-UAS, sensor fusion)

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