Fujitsu Assist Competitors 2020/2021 – Drones Information


We are pleased to announce that the Fujitsu Future Support Challenge competition has reopened. The competition runs on an adapted schedule and format, taking into account restrictions on personal events.

The Fujitsu Future Support Challenge competition, which is taking place for the eleventh time, is intended to promote innovative thinking across the logistics industry.

  • The challenge questions remain unchanged and the deadline is now February 26, 2021. Entries should be sent to [email protected] till 17 o clock.
  • The entries are then evaluated by our judging panel of high-ranking experts from the military, academia and industry and the winners are selected.
  • The top three teams and their commanders will be invited to an online event where the winner will be announced by Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw OBE, Chief of Defense Logistics and Support.
  • The successful team has the opportunity to process their proposal in a physical or virtual event via the Fujitsu Digital Transformation Center (DTC). The key stakeholders and the winning team or individual are supported in this workshop to develop their submission into a formal requirement that can be further developed as a fully staffed business case.

We were very happy to receive the winning team of the 2019 competition in November. Their solution addressed the lack of automated tools to analyze inventory usage and forecast future consumption needs. The main stakeholders and the winning team took part and after their DTC co-creation workshop, the solution, which includes artificial intelligence and machine learning, is now being further developed towards a pilot phase.

The 2020/2021 challenge:

This year we asked a number of questions that we hope will provide interesting, innovative, and achievable answers:

a. How would you generate the Defense Support Network (DSN) * survivability against likely future challenges in order to maintain the advantage over our adversaries? Describe your idea, what it could cost, what resources it would need, and when it could be operationalized.
* including possible forms of resilience measures.

b. What steps can the defense take now to achieve early success on the government-led green energy and Net Zero 50 agendas? Describe a DSN-focused initiative that you would implement, how it would work, what related benefits it would offer, what it would cost, how quickly it could be implemented, and what challenges you would need to overcome to ensure success.

Please send your proposal to the email address below. You can use, but are not limited to, the project initiation document and / or the short business case form (copies can be downloaded below). Note that both provide a useful indication of the elements that will be used to evaluate the submission with respect to developing your idea further through Fujitsu’s Digital Technology Center. Your suggestion can range from tactical to strategic, but should include consideration of how it would fit with a digitally activated, more automated DSN. Reduce the risk and error rates to achieve useful efficiency gains while improving the agility, speed and resilience of support.

Send your submission by email to [email protected] on February 26, 2021 at 5 p.m. The teams are limited to 5 people. Open to all armed forces and MOD officers.

Cash prizes will be awarded as indicated below.

1st place team – £ 5,000
2nd place team – £ 1000
3rd place team – £ 500

Rear Admiral Andy Kyte, ACDS (Log Ops)

“This is a great opportunity to seek your ideas on how you think we can address some of our short and long-term defense support challenges. We are already operating in a contentious environment where the difficulty of securing support for current and future operations continues to grow, both in terms of the threats we must overcome and the urgent need to be resilient and sustainable build future defense support network. Your experience, expertise, and ideas are an essential resource that we need to harness and the Fujitsu Support Challenge competition provides an ideal platform to achieve this. With the recent appointment of the Chief of Defense Logistics and Support, we have the opportunity to continue to use your contributions and bring about real change. I encourage all employees to embrace this initiative and the potential rewards that come with it. “

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