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The Israeli GADFIN drone company has signed an investment and cooperation agreement with ENEL, the world’s largest electricity infrastructure company, through its Infralab innovation laboratory, to develop innovative inspection solutions and jointly measure 800,000 km of the company’s power lines

For the first time in Israel, GADFIN is also delivering urban air freight

Enel and Gadfin will work together through INFRALAB, the Enel and Shikun & Binuilocated innovation laboratory in Haifa, to develop and demonstrate the inspection capabilities for the Gadfin Spirit One eVTOL aircraft.

Gadfin was selected from 35 different companies as the most innovative solution to solve the challenge of inspecting electrical infrastructures with efficient and sustainable technology, after demonstrating its exceptional long-term capabilities. The importance of implementing the GADFIN solution could reach up to USD 12 million per year for Gadfin.

The choice of Gadfin represents a breakthrough in the company’s international activities and is based on its ability to scan large distances quickly, efficiently and safely the Gadfin Spirit One, its unmanned autonomous long-haul aircraft eVTOL. In this way, Gadfin ENEL can guarantee a unique, progressive service that means significant savings for the ENEL operations teams and the repair of failures in remote, inaccessible areas and offers its customers worldwide a continuous flow of electricity.

Gadfin has successfully achieved a breakthrough in this field, offering the world for the first time an unmanned electric vertical take off and landing (VTOL) vehicle of the MTOW category with a flight range of 25 kg more than 250 km. The Gadfin Spirit One Aircraft comply with the strictest international safety standards, fly at high speed and in almost any weather. Eyal Regev, CEO of Gadfin, explains: “The agreement with INFRALAB and ENEL once again proves the technological advantages of GADFIN and the excellent solutions it offers for long flight ranges, low operating costs and a high level of security. I am sure that in the future we will see similar contracts that will harness the company’s ability to improve efficiency and service for many companies around the world, ultimately resulting in savings for each and every one of us.

Gadfin was also the first to receive approval from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority in early 2020 for deliveries to urban airspace, which would allow hospitals, laboratories, and various organizations and institutions to be connected through drones. The company holds several groundbreaking patents, including an initial in-flight ability to fold and spread wings, and a groundbreaking improvement in aerodynamic capabilities. The company’s Spirit One aircraft can fly large volume packages up to 10kg over long distances. The aircraft are operated autonomously with almost no human intervention.

The company was founded by former senior executives from IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) under the leadership of Eyal Regev, who was the first to propose and implement the concept of delivery drones back in 2006, Ran Kleiner, who acted as innovation manager, and Ilan Yuval, a leading logistics expert Eyal Regev, founder and CEO of GADFINadds: “The company’s unique developments enable Israel to be the first country in the world to have an air network that connects all hospitals and medical laboratories from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south. The flight network enables the rapid and continuous transfer of refrigerated medical cargo such as samples, including samples for identification of the Covid-19 virus. Bone marrow; Blood tests; Donate blood, transplant organs and more in minutes and at a very low cost. “

The company is also currently involved in the development of a larger aircraft that can carry up to 100 kg over an even greater distance. This will make it possible to revolutionize the distribution of mailbags and parcels across Israel and reduce delivery times to several hours, much faster than anywhere else in the world. The company maintains local and global partnerships.


Gadfin specializes in the development of drones and UAVs of various sizes for air infrastructure surveys and the supply of B2B drones required by organizations such as hospitals and medical laboratories.

Gadfin was founded in 2018 by Eyal Regev, Ran Kleiner and Ilan Yuval.

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