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LA (Photo) Dan Rosenbaum Photo Credit: Royal Navy

Google Cloud and Simple Technology Solutions (STS) – a Google Cloud partner and small company that specializes in multi-cloud solutions for the federal government – announced today that they are partnering with the US Navy to improve the inspection process for maintenance and repair of ships and Navy facilities.

STS will use Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies for inspection images captured by drones to identify, prioritize and predict maintenance needs. The work was awarded to STS for its technological innovation and commercialization potential as a Phase I research project on small business innovation.

The U.S. Navy currently spends billions a year on maintaining and repairing its fleet of ships and other platforms such as aircraft and facilities. It’s a largely manual, labor-intensive process. STS will train Google Cloud AI and ML models on tens of thousands of images to identify corrosion as part of the first phase with the Navy. Using images and Google AI / ML technologies, STS will attempt to dramatically reduce the workload and safety risk associated with maintenance inspections.

How it works:

  • STS leverages public domain and inspection drone images to create a high quality AI / ML model using Google Cloud AutoML, a simple, secure, and flexible ML service that enables organizations to create custom vision models.
  • STS will work with U.S. Navy corrosion experts to label and train the data using Google Cloud’s AI Platform Data Labeling Service.
  • STS iteratively trains and validates the model using custom flight data for inspection drones that is uploaded to Google Cloud Storage for processing. The models will continuously improve and update based on the newly recorded data.

“This is about automation, to save time and money, and to keep inspectors from harm,” said Aaron Kilinski, chief technology officer of STS. β€œThe initial goal for Phase I is to create a model that will detect corrosion in drone images with a very high degree of accuracy. The ultimate goal, however, is to move from detection to prediction by expanding the motifs and sensors and eventually integrating them into Navy systems. We chose Google Cloud AutoML because it allows our engineers to train and test high quality models quickly. Google Cloud offers an unrivaled level of specification to meet stringent business goals in accordance with FedRAMP High. “

“Manual inspection of naval vessels and vessels is a time-consuming, expensive process that can add cost and slow deployment,” said Mike Daniels, vice president of global public sector for Google Cloud. “We’re proud to partner with the US Navy and empower them with Google Cloud technology to transform corrosion inspections for greater efficiency and safety.”

Google Cloud has previously worked with customers in a variety of industries to support AI-enabled object recognition for maintenance and security. This ranges from helping utility company AES assess damage to hundreds of wind turbines to working with the City of Memphis on automatic detection of potholes in city streets.

About STS
Simple Technology Solutions (STS) is an 8 (a) & HUBZone company that specializes in multi-cloud engineering and applied AI / ML. STS offers automated (all as code), scalable and secure solutions in all layers of the cloud technology stack. They are experts in leveraging and extending cloud-native services to maximize business and mission value, and apply a library of proven, cloud-independent accelerators to reduce application migration, deployment, and team onboarding schedules. In 2019, STS was named Best Place to Work by the Washington Business Journal, ranking 429th on the Inc 500 list and 2nd on the G2Xchange list of Fastest Growing Private Companies – D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

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