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A new drone surveying specialty course has been launched to help professionals perform more accurate and consistent drone surveying.

Drone expert HELIGUY.com partnered with Drone Survey School drone survey training provider, Pieter Franken, to host the drone survey training course.

Survey drones have become an important commercial tool. They help you collect accurate data quickly, securely, and cost-effectively to help you make better decisions, maximize return on investment, and gain key insights.

This three-day training course will give you the theoretical background knowledge needed to perform accurate drone measurements and how best to use drone technology for flight mapping missions. It is aimed at everyone who is already carrying out or planning drone measurements.

To learn more and reserve a place for the course, which will take place at Shrigley Hall outside Manchester, UK from September 15-17, 2020, click here.

What do you learn in the drone mapping course?

Drone Survey Fundamentals is a short but intensive training course that teaches the methods for performing an accurate drone survey.

In addition, participants learn how they can use the data to gain valuable business insights and avoid costly beginner mistakes.

The course focuses on the basic principles of drone measurement such as photogrammetry, LiDAR, GPS and geomatics. It will culminate in an exam.

The course consists of the following elements:
● The key to accuracy when measuring with a drone.
● Reduction of position errors – PPK and RTK.
● Photogrammetry and LiDAR tutorials.
● Drone survey data – what you collect and how you use it for maximum value.
● Guidelines on when drone investigations will clearly outperform other methods.
● Data processing tips and tricks that help you always conduct accurate drone surveys and save time and money.

Learn from an expert in drone surveying

Pieter Franken from the Drone Survey School – and partner of HELIGUY.com – will conduct the drone surveying course.

He said, β€œThis course covers the theoretical background you need to know as an air surveyor. You save valuable time if you don’t have to make and repeat repetitive mistakes

“It also prevents you from disappointing your customers because you are able to deliver.”
what you promised more consistently. “

With a postgraduate degree in GIS and after working for surveying companies around the world
Welt founded Pieter and was managing director of Terra Drone Europe; one of the leading surveying and inspection companies based on drones in Europe.

He is one of the founding fathers and chairman of the Dutch trade organization for certified drone operators (DCRO) and a member of the working and expert groups that help the Dutch civil aviation authorities to implement new EU drone regulations.

Pieter is based in France and currently heads the Drone Survey School to train non-surveyors in the use of drone surveying techniques.

With offices in the UK and US, HELIGUY.com is a leading drone provider that supplies and supports large companies on their drone survey missions around the world.

The team of drone training experts offers CAA approved tuition, including bespoke closed courses for UK emergency services and large retailers.

Ben Shirley, instructor at HELIGUY.com, said:

β€œDrones have become an important tool in a surveyor’s toolbox.

β€œThat’s why we started the Drone Survey Fundamentals training course to demonstrate how a drone can transform mapping missions and highlight some of the skills drone surveyors need to know.

β€œBy partnering with Pieter, we have a drone surveying expert who leads the course and helps surveyors realize the real potential of their drones for aerial imaging. HELIGUY.com will also offer support after the course. “

Frequently asked questions about the basics of the drone survey

How long is the course?

The home style course takes place on three consecutive days, with an exam at the end of the last day. Every day starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. A free lunch is served on all three course days. Precautions are taken during the course to ensure that COVID-19 is prepared.

Due to the residential nature of the course, students can develop their learning in a dynamic classroom environment, interact with course instructors and other participants, ask questions and receive valuable advice and support on call. Relax after a day of learning in the bar and network with our employees and the other course participants.

Will I fly a drone on the course?

The course mainly consists of classroom training with little practical training. Please bring questions or problems with the measurement of drones.

Should I bring my own drone with me?

It is not necessary as drones are deployed.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is designed for people who want to understand the basic principles of drone surveying to enable accurate and consistent drone surveying. The course is aimed at anyone who is already planning or taking aerial photographs with their drone.

What is the best way to prepare for this course?

Students are encouraged to brush up on some very basic math principles before taking the course. The Pythagorean theorem and the calculation in triangles with SIN, COS and TAN are known to be known elements.

Is this course the same as the A2 CofC or GVC?

No. This course is designed to improve surveying skills. To become a CAA-approved drone pilot for the legal operation of a drone, take a separate A2 CofC or GVC course at HELIGUY.com via the online drone training platform Blackbox.

What does the course price include?

The price (Β£ 1,499.99 incl. VAT) includes: 160-page manual on the basics of drone survey;
AgiSoft Photoscan Workflow Guide; three-day personal training course; and in-depth support from the HELIGUY.com training team during the three days. The price of the course does not include accommodation that has to be booked separately.

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