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Hex and ProfiCNC are proud to bring the Here 3 Precision GNSS solution into the
CubePilot product range.

The Here3 brings the world of RTK to everyone.

Here 3 is our base GPS model. It’s part of the HerePro, our flagship GPS model.
and replaces the here, here 2, here + and here + V2.

With the M8P GNSS module from Ublox and an RF designed by ProfiCNC
Section, CANBUS solution and a new case, the next generation of the Here family steps
Increase the performance, lower the price and set a new basis for GNSS solutions in the
Robotics industry.

RTK Float mode is available as soon as valid RTCM 3 messages are received
are provided by free NTRIP servers in many countries or can be provided via
Mission planner and any RTK base station that can produce this RTCM 3
Messages. (Here + Base or HerePro can do this.)

With a standalone accuracy of 2.5 m and an RTK accuracy of 0.025 m, the precision is now within reach
From all.

Here, 3 works at 160,000 ft and up to 1,800 km / h with a speed accuracy of 0.05 m / s, making it suitable for all UAS applications.

Applications include UGV, UPS, UAS for all types of industrial applications as well as precision
Swarm activities.

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