Holybro Kopis CineWhoop 2.5″ Pusher


Like many FPV drone manufacturers, Holybro is switching from large 5-inch freestyle quads to smaller and safer whoop drones. The Kopis CineWhoop has apusher“Inverted motor design. Thanks to this approach, the aircraft can be better controlled in flight and the footage is more fluid.

The Holybro Kopis CineWhoop is equipped with the Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit HD digital system. In addition to the on-board camera, you can install an ultra-light bare 4K GoPro camera thanks to the included 3D-printed bracket.

It is based on a 3K carbon fiber frame with a wheelbase of 105.5 mm. The nylon whoop blade guards are padded with foam. According to the specified specifications without battery weight of approx. 160 grams.

Features and specifications of Kopis CineWhoop

  • 105.5 mm 3K carbon fiber frame with foam-padded whoop duct protection made of nylon;
  • Handle construction (motors are installed upside down);
  • Kakute F4 V2 Mini Flight Controller;
  • Tekko32 F3 4in1 35A Mini ESC 4In1;
  • T-Motor F1404 3800KV brushless motor with 2.5 inch Gemfan D63-5B propellers;
  • Caddx Nebula Pro Vista Kit Digital HD system (camera + VTX);
  • DJI FPV glasses and remote control compatible;
  • 1000uF RF Noise Filter Capacitor;
  • Less than 250 grams with a 4S 850mAh battery.

Holybro CineWhoop main parts specifications

Main parts

Technical data of the Kakute F4 V2 flight controller

  • MCU: 32-bit processor STM32F405RGT6;
  • IMU: MPU6000 (SPI);
  • Barometer: BMP280;
  • USB VCP driver (all UARTs can be used simultaneously; USB does not occupy a UART);
  • 5 hardware UARTS (UART1,3,4, 5, 6);
  • 128 Mbit data flash chip for black box logging;
  • Supports serial receivers (SBUS, iBus, Spektrum, Crossfire);
  • PPM and PWM receivers are not supported.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 29 x 6 mm;
  • Weight: 4.4 grams.

Tekko32 35A mini ESC specifications

  • F3 MCU, double the speed of F051, the MCU works at 108 MHz;
  • 32-bit controller with BLHELI32 firmware;
  • Supports 3-6S lipo input;
  • Standard PWM output 96K;
  • PWM input, TLM supported;
  • Voltage output (VBAT);
  • Extension cap required for 6s (1000uf 35v for 6s use.);
  • Size: 32 x 38 mm;
  • Weight: 8 grams.

T-motor F1404 3800KV brushless motor specifications

  • Item Name: 1404 3800KV 3-4S Brushless Motor;
  • Configuration: 9N12P;
  • Shaft diameter: 1.5mm;
  • Dimension: 17.9 x 16.6mm (9 x 9mm, M2 mounting hole);
  • Weight: 9.34 grams.

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