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The leading British name for drone training has partnered with the country’s leading academy for pilot training for commercial and airline companies to offer more opportunities to newly qualified pilots.

The Skyborne Airline Academy at Gloucestershire Airport offers innovative, airline-focused training to meet the needs of the aviation industry. It offers its trainees the latest technology and high-quality teaching.

Newly qualified pilots from Skyborne’s integrated and combined modular ATPL programs UKCAA / EASA are selected by hand to switch to Flyby Technology as commercial drone pilots and complete the company’s Beyond Visual Line of Sight training course.

Flyby Technology founder Jon Parker, an airline pilot and former RAF fighter pilot, has recognized the value of Skyborne’s training philosophy and the quality of the skills, knowledge and professionalism of its graduate pilots.

Jon explains: “The drone industry, more precisely the unmanned aircraft industry, is leading the way to a new era in aviation. Flyby technology is groundbreaking for BVLOS training (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), which takes civil drones to a whole new level. This will give Britain a competitive advantage on the world market and secure a place in history for British innovation. “

The UK Civil Aviation Authority supports this use of drones, which may open up huge multi-million pound markets to future BVLOS commercial drone operators in the UK.

Jon added: “The employment prospects in manned aviation have dropped significantly due to the coronavirus crisis and the terrible impact this has had on some areas of the aviation industry for newly qualified pilots. Newly qualified pilots from Skyborne and those still in training are carefully selected before completing the Flyby course. We know that they are very well trained and motivated and would be ideal drone pilots if we further specialized them. “

Lee Woodward, Chief Executive Officer at Skyborne, said: “This is a first for pilot training in the UK. Working with Flyby Technology offers our graduates fantastic opportunities to build a career in unmanned aircraft flight while preserving their skills, teamwork and leadership skills.

“At Skyborne, we are committed to innovation and contribute to the development of this exciting field of aviation. Our newly qualified pilots receive a competitive starting salary as they help shape the future of the drone industry. “

Jon Parker has built Flyby based in York as a center of excellence. His team of instructors consists of former military and career aviators, each with the passion and commitment to inspire and motivate new generations of pilots.

He added: “We are now training tomorrow’s drone pilots. You will be the best pilots in the world. Nobody does what Flyby Technology does. It’s the best training, the best technology, the best British innovation paired with some of the best people we can find in the UK.

“Drones are getting serious and we need serious people to fly them. It is no longer a hobby. This is the beginning of the next chapter in aviation development, and these young people are the powerhouse for it. “

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