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Spraying drones is widespread in Southeast Asian countries like China and Japan with great results. Now the trend is spreading to the United States and Europe.

We are currently seeing a significant increase in the number of drones deployed in these countries due to their higher efficiency. Drone sprayers are equipped with the same parts as any other sprayer: a tank, a pump to push liquid through the hoses to the nozzles, and a pressure gauge. However, you have limitations, mainly in terms of the size of these components, as the power is required to keep the drone sprayer in flight for a reasonable amount of time.

In terms of stamina, conventional spray drones cannot fly for more than 15 minutes. With electrical solutions, operators waste several hours trying to cool, charge, and replace the batteries. All this logistics creates additional costs.

With a flight time of +1 hour and 10 l of liquid, the HYBRiX antenna system is an innovation that makes it easier to work more efficiently.

A few weeks ago, heavy rain made it impossible for ground vehicles to enter the field, but thanks to HYBRiX technology, farmers could spray all of their video fields in one working day to achieve the expected results. This is just one of the clear advantages of drone technology.

Drones have unique properties when applying liquid products. The product application differs from ground-based machines, helicopters or feather dusters. The HYBRiX drone is mainly flown 2 to 10 meters above the crop. The 4 rotors create a specific turbulence in the air, which helps to distribute the liquid evenly. The 4 nozzles are positioned in such a way that they provide excellent coverage of the applied products and reach hidden layers of the crop.

The HYBRiX spray solution is equipped with a 10 l liquid tank with a spray width of up to 6 meters. The application rate can be adapted to the type of harvest. The airframe resists rain and dust and has a high-precision positioning system to increase effectiveness.

It is too early to draw a conclusion about the potential of drone spraying on a large scale, but they are already showing unique advantages over manned aircraft and ground sprayers, and their use is expected to increase worldwide in the coming years.

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